The Outer Party

It has long been obvious that one of the closest parallels for that which the EU is becoming is the nightmare world of Orwell's 1984, where an oligarchical dictatorship rules over a cowed population. However, while we often compare those of the political class, who have created and run this foul organisation, with Orwell's Inner Party perhaps we could also look at those without whom it could not function, the functionaries and bureaucrats who form what is the EU's Outer Party.

For much longer than the EU has existed the British in particular have always complained about those who are referred to as "they", the ranks of petty officials and little Hitlers, whose arrogance has caused ordinary people so many problems. Nevertheless, in the past we have always known that there were avenues by which these people could be checked and often brought to book, as we had a functioning democracy, where elected representatives could overrule bureaucrats and there were sanctions which could be applied to those who thought that their decisions could not be challenged by the public. Now however, the malign influence of the EU is ensuring that these self-important figures are able to impose their will on the vast majority, without it being possible for democratic processes to rein them in.

We should be in doubt that the ever growing army of such bureaucrats, using the secular religion of political correctness, is encouraged and nurtured by the anti democratic realities of the EU. Everywhere we turn we find the ranks of health and safety fascists, diversity consultants, human resource advisors and other such people using the directives and regulations churned out by Brussels to restrict and direct our lives to conform with their twisted view of the world and also to ensure that they enjoy positions of power for which they have no valid democratic qualifications.

Every day we hear stories of the latest ridiculous instruction from the health and safety brigade, whether it be to put an end to centuries long traditions, to add enormous unnecessary costs to things which have functioned well without such expenditure, or to treat responsible adults as if they were feckless children. The tremendous waste of money on those who claim to be protecting "diversity" merely generate bad feelings between groups which had previously rubbed along together and the manner in which useless HR departments force those actually doing the work of their organisation to waste their time conforming to meaningless policies is a national disgrace.

Local council bureaucrats are now able to treat the ordinary citizen as potential criminals, whether it be for daring to refuse to recycle every last piece of rubbish, leave their dustbins an inch open or seek to park their cars without paying through the nose for the privilege. In the past we could elect councillors to control these unelected dictators but now of course they can rely on the endless rules emanating from the EU against which there is no appeal.

No doubt Europhiles would claim that it is not the EU forcing all these things upon us but in reality it is the suffocating blanket of bureaucratic dictatorship covering Europe which has destroyed the principle of democratic accountability and permitted this Kafka like nightmare to engulf us. There are now vast armies of people who owe their jobs and petty power to the fact that they no longer need to consider the wishes of the people before imposing their will. In the past civil servants would always fear that they might not answer parliamentary questions to the satisfaction of our elected representatives but now they can relax, assured that the pathetic inhabitants of the Commons have handed away to Brussels the power they once had to prevent bureaucrats behaving just as they wished.

Of course the comparison with Orwell's vision is not exact as at the moment these administrators who have co-operated in this betrayal of our democracy benefit from well paid jobs in a still reasonably prosperous nation. They do not realise that once the idiotic policies of the EU have succeeded in destroying our economic strength they will find that they have connived at the destruction of everyone's democratic rights and gained nothing by it. Unfortunately it will all be too late.