The real fascists

I am sure that I, and the vast majority of those who support leaving the EU, regard ourselves as, and indeed are, decent and honourable people, who put concern for the future of democracy in these islands before any considerations of personal advantage, and that we have thought long and hard about the issues involved. Equally, Americans who chose to vote for Donald Trump are patriots who have responded to his anti establishment message, and merely wish to see the interests of the American people given precedence over the demands of other groups. Neither they, nor we, have malign intentions, and only wish for the democracies in which we live to respect the rights and desires of the majority, rather than always elevating the agendas of minorities above ours.

However, if one listens to the supporters of the Remain side in the UK, or the anti Trump lobbies in the US, one would believe that in fact we are either morons who don’t understand the issues, gullible fools easily deceived by lies, or supporters of far right policies, somewhat akin to the fascists of the Thirties.

The reason for such views to be given credence, particularly by the BBC led media in this country, is the existence of a liberal establishment which dominates both the UK and the USA, and which, contrary to its complacent self image, in fact shares all the arrogance and anti democratic attitudes of a third world one party state. When faced with the desire of the electorate, as shown by a democratic vote, to leave the European Union, they resort to insult and ridiculous hyperbole, as is illustrated by one of my opponents in our local paper, who accuses me of being a supporter of the far right, and speaks of Brexit as a “monumental folly” and a “caper”. They are doing all they can to frustrate the will of the people. In the USA the liberal left, having lost the general election, are now seeking to undermine the President, regardless of the fact that a majority of the American people supported, and still support him. They worship Barack Obama, who did little to fulfil the slogans of “Yes we can” and “Change we can believe in”, which helped him win power, as he was all talk and no action, illustrated by his doing nothing when his own red lines were breached in Syria.

These are more than merely expressions of legitimate opposition, and show the smug contempt with which these people regard the opinions of the ordinary voter. For decades, particularly in the UK, they have had their own way, anyone who opposed them being ignored, belittled or now, as these so called liberal’s arrogance has increased, even subjected to legal sanctions for exercising their right to free speech. They have developed political correctness as a weapon with which to silence their opponents and, if anyone doubts this let them consider the following scenario. I am sure that most people harbour no particular animus against those with a minority sexual orientation, and are quite happy to let and let live, even regarding the triumphalist ‘Pride’ marches with a benevolent eye. However, if heterosexuals were to declare the joy they find in the emotional, sexual and spiritual relationship between a man and a woman and organise ‘Joy’ marches celebrating heterosexuality, how long would it be before the Thought Police came calling, declaring such a thing to be a hate crime?

On a daily basis we see the venom directed at practising Catholics for expressing their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, or opposing unrestricted abortion, despite the fact that these opinions are part of their religion and culture. The very same people making these attacks will nevertheless defend a sub culture, rejected by the preachers of its mainstream religion, which uses a pseudo religious excuse to espouse forced marriages, honour killings, female oppression and hatred directed at homosexuals, on the grounds that they derive from a religious and cultural framework which must not be criticised. A shining example of this is reported by Alison Pearson in the Daily Telegraph when she relates how one of the Labour MPs in Bolton liked and retweeted the statement Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity. Could there be a better example of doublethink?

Anyone who defends the right of the state of Israel to exist is treated as a pariah by the liberal left, as are those who question whether the best way to help the poor of the third world is to allow unlimited immigration to Europe, despite the fact that all it achieves is to reduce the people of countries such as Greece or Italy to despair, as it is just impossible to absorb so many and yet sustain their economies.

The universities are a joke with their safe spaces, trigger warnings and no platforming ensuring that the assumptions and beliefs of sensitive students are not challenged by being exposed to opinions which contradict those they have absorbed from the liberal establishment. Those either wanting to make a name for themselves, or who are just idiotic, are running campaigns to destroy the statues of historical figures, now including such national heroes as Nelson and Churchill. Those who have been persecuted by the police, for daring to offend against the principles espoused by the liberal elite, can confirm that a force which pleads lack of resources when fighting crime, can always find enough to pursue those they regards as thought criminals, while what is political correctness but our version of 1984’s Newspeak, where the vocabulary available to express opinion is narrowed by the day. We should be in no doubt that an ever growing army of bureaucrats, health and safety fascists, diversity consultants, and other such people, wish to to restrict and direct our lives to conform with their twisted view of the world, and also to ensure that they enjoy positions of power for which they have no valid democratic qualifications.

Every day we hear stories of the latest ridiculous instruction from the health and safety brigade, whether it be to put an end to centuries long traditions, to add enormous unnecessary costs to things which have functioned well without such expenditure, or to treat responsible adults as if they were feckless children. The tremendous waste of money on those who claim to be protecting diversity merely generate bad feelings between groups which had previously rubbed along together while local council bureaucrats are now able to treat the ordinary citizen as potential criminals, whether it be for daring to refuse to recycle every last piece of rubbish, leave their dustbins an inch open or seek to park their cars without paying through the nose for the privilege. A writer whose work exposed this reality is of course Franz Kafka, whose novels The Trial and The Castle, portrayed a nightmare world dominated by unaccountable functionaries, where ordinary people were nothing but pawns in their hands, and were frequently persecuted for crimes they did not even understand, let alone commit.

Perhaps the greatest question that all this raises is ‘Why?’ but the answer is obvious. The members of the liberal establishment and their slavish supporters in the media, show-business and the educational system have only contempt for the rest of us. They think that they hold the moral high ground, that only they are right and that anyone who disagrees is to be treated as not worthy of consideration. They deride those who disagree with them as either mad or bad, but actually there is something psychologically wrong with the so called liberals themselves. Despite the fact that most are middle class, have had a good education, and been brought up in the benign atmosphere of the UK, they seem to hate their own country. In any dispute between the UK or the USA with other nations they will always take the side of the latter; they will find any excuse for criminals or terrorists, seeking to blame society rather than the evil found in individuals; female propagandists will complain endless about women’s rights in the West, but then defend the miscegenation displayed by cultures foreign to our own. I have no doubt that these sick minded people regard those such as myself, who are British born, Caucasian, male, heterosexual, a practising Catholic, law abiding and the product a grammar school, as completely beyond the Pale, a feeling I reciprocate.

We have not yet reached the stage where an oligarchical dictatorship rules over a cowed population but we are on the way there. In 1984 the doomed hero Winston Smith believes that the solution lies in the proles, the great mass of the population, saying ”if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength, would have no need to conspire. They needed only to rise up and shake themselves like a horse shaking off flies. If they chose they could blow the Party to pieces tomorrow morning. Surely sooner or later it must occur to them to do it?”. Of course Smith was wrong and there was no way that the brainwashed masses would ever be able to overturn the vile regime of Big Brother. However we, the great mass of the population, could still reverse the situation in this country, and in the US, if only we can awaken the ordinary people to what is happening. The votes for Brexit, and for Donald Trump, were a sign that the worm has turned, but of course the enemy is regrouping, and attempting to undermine our victories. All who believe in freedom must resist these people before it is too late, as they are the real fascists.