The Tory Myth

It is a rare person who lives only in a strictly factual world. Human nature being what it is, when children, we love fairy tales, and, as is evidenced by the massive number of Science Fiction films produced, and the popularity of fantasies such as Harry Potter, like to escape into stories of strange worlds when adults.

Every nation has its myths, often based upon some sort of truth but which, if examined in detail are not actually true, or are at least unverifiable. For instance was the Trojan War anything but a myth, and how much truth is there in the tales of King Arthur, or Robin Hood. The same sort of doubts can be extended to the supposed sayings of real or fictional characters. Sherlock Holmes never said, anywhere in the canon, Elementary my dear Watson, Captain Kirk never said Beam me up, Scotty and the oft repeated quote from Voltaire I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it was really first written by the English author Evelyn Beatrice Hall, albeit in an attempt to encapsulate the basic beliefs of the French philosopher.

Much of the time none of this matters, as myths can give comfort and reassurance, provided of course that they are not twisted to instil enmity against others. However there are some which can distort perceptions in a way that can be damaging and, unfortunately, we are suffering from some very malign examples today.

One, which I have written about before, and will probably return to again, is the idea that the EU is a benign entity, spreading peace and light in the world, while another is that the BBC is an unbiased organisation, unafraid of telling the unvarnished truth, rather than an obedient creature of the Brussels bureaucracy. Laughable as these beliefs are they are helping to promote the idea that the UK is wrong to leave the EU, but there is another, which is doing even more damage to our country, and which has persisted for decades, and that concerns the true nature of the Conservative party.

The myth is that the Conservative party represents inter alia, patriotism, a desire to conserve what is best about the country, support of strong defences, a reluctance to follow fickle fashion, the need for a strong economy and a sturdy defence of democracy and freedom. The reality is unfortunately very different.

Ignoring the days in previous centuries, when the Tories only represented the landowners and the ruling class, one can concentrate on the period which lies within living memory. In the period leading up to the Second World War the leadership of the party was committed to a shameful policy of appeasement, while so many of its supporters among the upper classes actually looked upon the Nazis as allies against Communism, and, stupidly, were prepared to approve of Hitler as a means of preserving their own privileges. It was only thanks to Churchill, Eden and their associates that this country did not take that path, but one must remember that Churchill was always regarded as a maverick by the inner circles of the party, and that much, if not all, of the patriotic reputation the party relies upon is derived from that time when it was led by a man who was never really accepted by them.

Whatever truth there may have been in the view that the party was patriotic has been completely shattered by its behaviour in the days since Edward Heath took over as leader. His allegiance was always to the idiotic plans of the European ideologues, never to the interests of the UK, and his spirit still rides high within the leadership. Margaret Thatcher is revered by some as an advocate of freedom from the European project, but, in reality, when those such as myself were out delivering leaflets for the No campaign in 1975, she was going around wearing a t-shirt advocating remaining inside. There have been some leaders, such as Ian Duncan Smith, who have seemed more committed to Eurorealism, but I always remember that William Hague came along to a CIB fringe meeting, assured us that he was opposed to the EU, then joined the Remainers in the run up to the 2016 referendum.

As far as defence is concerned the Conservatives have consistently cut funding, conducted reviews which have deeply damaged the forces, and are unwilling to spend what is necessary to meet the commitment of protecting this country. Of course this is the result of the party being essentially run by those with no long term vision, who worship money above anything else, and, to be frank, are none too bright. Despite the fact that we lost millions of people defeating Germany in two world wars these worshippers of Brussels would be happy to see the UK as a supplicant province of a German dominated European Empire. All the generations before this milk and water one would know precisely what to call those who wish to transfer the executive power of the nation to a foreign capital.

When it comes to common-sense, as opposed to following contemporary fashion, the Tories have exceeded themselves in recent years. Despite it being obvious that the global warming scare is nothing but a scam, dreamt up by the environmental lobby to garner funds, the Conservatives have signed this country up to green policies which, if actually implemented, will see us subjected to massive blackouts in the future. They have also bent the knee to vociferous groups representing sexual minorities, ignoring all the objections from religious bodies, and are attempting to overturn millennia of human nature, spreading confusion about sexual identity among youngsters at a time in their lives when such matters should be taboo. They have allowed health and safety fanatics to impose restrictions which go far beyond what is needed and, perilously, to connive at a reversal of the principle of being innocent unless proved guilty, by encouraging the police to persecute live, and even dead people, based on the word of fantasists. The utter disgrace of recent trials where full disclosure of the facts has been prevented because of political bias illustrates just how corrupt the justice system is becoming.

Politically correctness is creating a thought police in this country, and indeed in the USA, which threatens democracy, freedom of speech, and freedom itself, but the useless leaders of the Tory party seem quite happy to do nothing to stop it. All that would be required would be to tell these lunatics to shut up but the government is too pusillanimous to do it.

The strengthening of the economy which Brexit offers could help transform the lives of many in this country but again, the Tories, representing those idle businessmen who refuse to see beyond the ends of their noses, and intimidated by arrogant multinationals, who care nothing for this country, are throwing away a golden opportunity. They join with know nothing liberal commentators in deriding President Donald Trump, who is a supporter of this country, unlike his predecessor, thus endangering the prospect of a beneficial trade deal with the USA, in order to seem, as the morons say right on. The manner in which the report by Lord Beeching was used to destroy much of our railway system, which we now wish still existed, shows just how short term are the concerns of politicians, who think only of the next couple of years, never the long term future.

Although many who have joined UKIP were not former Conservatives it would be foolish to deny that very many are. If the Tory party really represented what it purports to represent there would never have been a need for UKIP, as we would not have become involved with the insane European project. As it is the current Tory leadership is completely out of step with the bulk of the membership and, while there are a few among them who do not support membership of the EU, we look in vain for a Churchill to save us now, as May and her accomplices continue to give in to every one of Brussels arrogant demands. Does anyone in their right mind not expect the May government eventually to obey their masters in Brussels.

Now doubt dyed in the wool Tories will claim that the Labour party is worse, and they may be right, but what a choice to put before the British people. Those who still believe in the myth of the Tory party should wake up, as it conserves nothing, is a disgrace, and is betraying Britain again, just as it did under Chamberlain.