They knew the truth

In my opinion the greatest horror story in Western literature is not Dracula or Frankenstein, despite the latter's prescient warning of the perils of our own scientific creations destroying us. Rather it is Orwell's masterpiece 1984 because of the truths it reveals about the nature of human beings and in particular the lust for power without accountability, something we now see smothering our democracy. The most chilling moment in the novel is when we realise that although the mass of the people take no part in the organisation of their society and the majority of the apparatchiks who administer it live in a world of self deceit, those at the top know full well what they have done, and are doing, as they destroy all human decency so that they might be absolute and eternal rulers.

The parallels with the society being constructed by the European Union are obvious. The vast majority of the public are too disengaged from politics to realise what is happening to their freedoms while so many of the ordinary civil servants involved merely follow instructions without thinking about the results of their actions. At one time it was also possible to believe that the members of the elite supporting UK involvement were motivated by benign motives, without being conscious of what they were risking. However we have proof positive that the latter were always aware that the European project meant death for the sovereignty of the nation states involved and they are revealed both as liars who deliberately set out to deceive the people and traitors who conspired to hand over control of this country to a foreign based organisation.

A document produced within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1971 entitled "Sovereignty and the European Communities", was under the thirty year rule, released in 2002. It demonstrated that the FCO knew very well what the results of joining the 'project' would be, stating that it would involve the destruction of the sovereignty of the UK and, eventually, the end of our parliamentary democracy. Rather than attempting to defend the rights of the British people, won at such cost over so long, it chose to advocate that "all political parties" should not "exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community".

There is insufficient room to reproduce it as a whole but a selection of quotes will illustrate just how clear the authorities were, and indeed are, as to the real nature of what is now the European Union.

Membership of the Communities will involve us in extensive limitations upon our freedom of action.

We shall be accepting an external legislature which regards itself as having direct powers of legislating with effect within the United Kingdom, even in derogation of United Kingdom statutes, and as having in certain fields exclusive legislative competence, so that our own legislature has none

All of this we shall be accepting "for an unlimited period", with no provision for withdrawal

Membership would mean an increasing range of subjects on which Britain's policy was concerted with the remainder of the Community and also that in negotiations with the rest of the world on matters forming the subject of common Community policies, there would be joint representation by the Commission. The Community being exclusive in character and membership also means in practice giving up some of our important links with the remainder of the world (Commonwealth Preference for example).

Community law is required to take precedence over domestic law: i.e. if a Community law conflicts with a statute, it is the statute which has to give way. This is something not implied in other commitments which we have entered into in the past. Previous treaties have imposed on us obligations which have required us to legislate in order to fulfil the international obligations set out in the treaty, but any discrepancy between our legislation and the treaty obligations has been solely a question of a possible breach of those international obligations the conflicting statute has still undoubtedly been the law to be applied in this country. But the community system requires that such Community Law as applies directly as law in this country should by virtue of its own legal force as law in this country prevail over conflicting national legislation.

The document contains many more of these barely disguised admissions that the rights of the British people are to be sacrificed and the final conclusion is chilling:

The task will not be to arrest this process, since to do so would be to put considerations of formal sovereignty before effective influence and power, but to adapt institutions and policies both in the UK and in Brussels to meet and reduce the real and substantial public anxieties over national identity and alienation from government, fear of change and loss of control over their fate which are aroused by talk of the "loss of sovereignty".

This deliberate conspiracy to conceal the fact that the UK was to be reduced to no more than a province of a single European state governed by an elite of treacherous politicians and unelected bureaucrats has been active for decades and it was the realisation that the political elite would never permit a reversal of the policy that led to the creation of UKIP in the early 1990s.

Orwell knew the nature of politicians only too well but even he was predated by a sage of the ancient world whose words can be applied to all those who have sought to continue the betrayal begun by Heath. Cicero wrote: ",A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within."