Those whom the Gods wish to destroy

We have long been familiar with the insanity that is the European project but increasingly we find that a similar madness afflicts an ever increasing number of issues.

Although there may be Eurorealists who believe that Mankind is causing climate change I suspect that, being both intelligent and cynical, most will have recognized the symptoms of another secular religion being promulgated by its fanatical adherents. No one who has read Christopher Booker's The Real Global Warming Disaster could doubt that once again truth is being sacrificed and burdens thrust upon ordinary people in order that a small elite may benefit. The reality of the warmist position was brilliantly summarised in 2004 by Putin's chief economic adviser Alexander Illarionov who said "this is the biggest man-hating totalitarian ideology which manifests itself in totalitarian actions and concrete events and which tries to defend itself using disinformation and falsified facts".

True scientists, not the fakes who masquerade as such, have produced reports stating that "there is little correlation between the Earth's climate and carbon dioxide levels as, at times, the latter had been 18 times higher than today and were 10 times higher during the intense Ordovician glaciation. A second report stated that "evidence suggests very strongly that the main cause of warming and cooling derives from solar activity via its modulation of cosmic rays". In just the same way that Europhiles follow Goebbels' practice of constantly restating lies until the majority believe them the warmists tell us that climate scientists all agree that climate change exists, and is manmade, that the science is settled, and that we must reduce our energy consumption to pre industrial levels in order to 'save the planet'. All lies.

Of course even the warmists are amateurs compared to the apologists for the European Union. Even as the Euro begins its final collapse and social unrest breaks out throughout the Continent the lies continue to flow. The political classes everywhere dread losing their places on the gravy train so will sacrifice anything to keep the whole rotten edifice standing. In the UK we see vital elements of our defences such as Nimrod, the Harriers and effective aircraft carriers sacrificed while the money goes to support the parasites of Brussels. In Ireland the sovereign independence they fought for over centuries has been handed to the EU and the peoples of the Mediterranean are learning what it means to have their economies at Germany's mercy.

In social matters the high priests of political correctness continue to impose their mad ideas on ordinary people so that social workers persecute innocent parents, while handing vulnerable children to thugs to be abused and killed, the police become nothing more than a Thought Police, using resources to pursue any who disagree with the received wisdom of the elite, while ignoring serious crime, and the courts seem determined to appease rather than punish those who prey on others.

One could go on but if anyone states these facts it makes it appear that they themselves are mad, while the terrible truth is that this is the reality of the world we now inhabit

Just to list the most egregious examples:

It does indeed look as if the Gods have made us mad. Obviously the task before any government seeking to save this country must extend far beyond just taking us out of the EU. It must effect a sea change in attitudes so that its election would be seen as a watershed, dividing the madness of the past decades from a return to sanity. Let us hope we find people able to achieve this, otherwise we shall never see Britain restored to herself again.