When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the gentleman? This exhortation, made by John Ball, to the people at the time of the Peasants' Revolt in 1381 would have been understood then, and although the use of the word 'delved' is archaic, it is easy to understand now. What is clear is that the social order in existence was not, and is not, preordained by some higher power, but is the result of social evolution, and therefore does not possess some unique justification for being as it is. Each and every one of us is merely a descendent of plains' apes, none are born automatically superior, and none of our fellow humans has the unquestionable right to insist that we subscribe to their conception of collective organisation.

What is true is that we have developed, from the early days when the strongest man became the tribal chief, a structure which the vast majority of us are normally prepared to accept, and nowhere is this more true than in democratic states such as the UK and USA. We have arrived at a system whereby representatives, elected on the premise that they will adhere to the promises they made to the electorate, legislate to maintain the laws by which we live, and that an independent judiciary ensures that these laws are enforced fairly, and consistently. This latter body does not have the right to blatantly change the laws emanating from the elected representatives, beyond the fact that in our system the use of precedents has a part to play. Generally we accept this arrangement, and do not for example, take revenge on those who have injured us, but allow the courts to take such responsibility.

However, thanks to the action of those who have lost democratic votes refusing to recognize the fact, we have arrived at a situation where the elected representatives are reneging on their duty to abide by their promises made to the electorate, and their allies in the judiciary are supporting them in treating democracy with contempt. Therefore we no longer have the obligation to treat the decisions taken by these people as democratically legitimate, and can chose to do what they are doing, acting in our own, and the country's interests. This is the situation to which the Remainers in the UK, and the Democratic party in the USA have reduced us. They failed to win at the ballot box, so lie, and cheat, and betray democracy, in order to get their way. They have no more right to tell us what to do than would a group of drinkers sitting around a table in a public house, laying down the law in their cups. They may call each other honourable, or 'My Lady' or 'My Lord', but they have forfeited the right to such titles, being no more than one pressure group among many, and, what is worse, one that treats a majority of the British people with contempt.

We now hear the poor little diddums crying because people are being nasty to them, even calling them traitors. Well, if a citizen of this country during the Napoleonic Wars had actively sought a French victory, or if in the First and Second World Wars, one had worked for a German victory, then we would have called them traitors, as they were striving to transfer the governance of the UK to a foreign power, without the consent of the British people. Although we are not (yet) at war with the EU nevertheless the Remainers are attempting the same thing, by seeking to hand the executive power of the UK to Brussels. In the first examples they would have been executed, but now it should only be necessary for the survival of democracy for these traitors to be ejected from public life. Let them sit in each other's drawing rooms glorying in how virtuous and wonderful they consider themselves to be, but keep them well away from the levers of power, although, given that the immense damage that they have done to the democracy which so many died defending is almost beyond measure, perhaps they should actually be brought to justice, as were those who sought to betray our nation in the past. Perhaps a spell in orange jumpsuits, performing community service, followed by making them actually work for a living, might make these arrogant swine realise that the privileged positions they they have held in life were not granted by divine right, and they have forfeited the chance to ever hold them again. This fate could also befall those in the media, banks and big businesses who have used their influence to belittle Brexiteers, while sucking up to the morons of the establishment.

Unless these people intend a permanent coup then eventually the electorate will have the chance to pass judgement on them. Upon that decision will rest the future of the nation. However what does concern me is that I have spoken to a number of Leave voters, and even some Remain supporters who have converted, thanks to their realisation that the Remainers are fascists, and they are furious with the appeasers in Parliament and the Supreme Court, but now take the attitude that they will never vote again, as, whatever they decide, it will be ignored if it does not accord with the wishes of the establishment. While this is understandable it is self defeating, as to leave the field free for the traitors would be a disaster. Every decent person must vote for Leavers, while taking account of the possible divisions within their constituencies, as it would be foolish to split the vote of the people, and let the cheats in by default. This is particularly true for those working class constituencies, where the Tory stands no chance, but the Brexit party could very well win. It would be madness for the patriotic parties to refuse to make an arrangement to keep the cretins out, but if they do not, then we must do it for them, looking at the likely results dispassionately, ignoring past tribal loyalties, and giving our vote to those most likely to support a true Brexit.

For me the decision is made easy by the knowledge that the Tory representing my constituency has declared his support for Remain, and the chances of the true traitor parties winning in rural Kent are remote. Therefore a vote for the Brexit party, in a constituency which voted fifty six to forty four per cent for Brexit is, as they say these days, a no brainer. Of course those Conservatives in constituencies represented by any of the Tory apostates, with a moronic local Conservative association which continues to back these traitors, also have any easy choice, and should vote for the Brexit party. However it is much harder for those in marginal constituencies. For working class voters, living in deprived areas, to abandon a lifelong commitment to the Labour party, unless they are lucky enough to have one of the remaining patriotic Labour MPs, who support Brexit, would be difficult. Nevertheless they would be well advised to do so, as a victory for the traitors would ensure that their interests would never be considered by the metropolitan liberal elite, and membership of the EU would become permanent.

No true socialist has ever supported membership of the EU, and no one should allow themselves to be fooled into thinking otherwise. The recent letter in the Daily Telegraph from Arthur Scargill, which in effect supports Boris Johnson's position, is a clear indication that the true Left has not changed its support for the Eurorealist views as expressed by stalwarts such as Tony Benn and Michael Foot. Equally the so called split in the Conservative party is no such thing, as ninety per cent of Tory voters want out of the EU, as against about ten percent of Europhiles, so the latter are just entryists, who have managed to gain control, but are now losing it.

Having taken part in a street event for the Brexit party I confess to worries about the commitment of some supporters. One PPC I spoke to said that there was nothing wrong with being a Remainer. Given that the latter are either morons, who do not comprehend the reality of the EU, or fascists who would ignore the result of the referendum because they don't agree with it, this statement is just plain wrong. Whether he thinks that being weak will attract votes from Remainers, a forlorn hope, or else really believes that a compromise with them is possible, a non starter, I hope that this attitude is not to be found in the leadership of the party. Knowing Nigel I do not think he would allow such backsliding, but there may be others who would. As it says in Corinthians, "For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?" We do not again need the sort of equivocation that we have seen so often in the other parties.

The antics in Parliament almost beggar belief, were it not for the fact that we know the creatures of Brussels will do anything to prevent Brexit, and the actions of that stupid cretin Oliver Letwin yet again allowed the traitors to delay a meaningful vote. I wish that the media would cease describing this dullard as intelligent and affable. His malign influence has given us the Poll Tax, the Fixed Term Parliament Act and now a further delay in achieving Brexit. He has done immense damage, and should be treated as a malevolent danger to our democracy, in the same way that that arrogant, smug Bercow has proved to be.

Now we face a situation where the traitors refuse to either pass Boris's bill, or allow a general election, leaving us in limbo, or indeed purgatory. Whatever happens the Remainers have damaged our democracy almost beyond repair, and any objective history will condemn them as the worthless good for nothing morons they indubitably are.