Our unelected rulers, and the woke

I cannot apologise for once again returning to the danger to this country represented by the activities of the so called liberal left. No doubt, in the 1930s, when Churchill and his allies constantly pointed out the peril we were in because of the rise of Nazi Germany there were probably many who grew tired of these warnings, but, as we know, he was not crying wolf, and all the time the alert was ignored it was necessary to repeat it.

For centuries, in common with most nation states, this country was rules by the monarch, and the aristocracy, before, from early beginnings under Simon de Montfort in the 13th Century, we evolved a system of parliamentary government which eventually led to the people having the right to elect representatives to enact the policies desired by the majority of voters.

However, in recent years our democracy has come to be treated with contempt by an unelected establishment comprised of public servants, both centrally in the Civil Service, and in local councils, plus a vast number in, inter alia, the bureaucracies of the NHS, education and the law. They are accorded a mouthpiece in the BBC, and have extended their tentacles into large numbers of companies, whose management have yielded to the demands of these arrogant authoritarians. The most vocal are those who live in privileged enclaves, such as the prosperous suburbs of North London, although their influence can be seen in the mindset displayed by the most obstreperous elements of obsessives on social media.

It is clear that the Civil Service, supposedly existing to aid ministers implement the policies voted for by the people, now arrogate to themselves the right to impede such implementation, no more egregiously than on their efforts to frustrate Brexit, a policy supported by the majority of the electorate. Of course Whitehall has much more in common with the bureaucrats of Brussels than it does with the British people, and they will never accept our withdrawal from the EU. They must be forced to do so, or else be sacked.

The determination, without a public demand for same, to pursue a target of non zero carbon use, including attacks on the ownership of cars by selfish denizens of urban areas with good public transport, is unwarranted, given that the UK is responsible for only about one per cent of global emissions, while decent people enduring life in areas with high crime rates see excuses made for the criminals, and deterrent sentences obstructed, by those who are unlikely to be victims.

Unfortunately those who today like to consider themselves liberal, and treat opponents as selfish, ignorant, or worse, are actually among the most illiberal section of society. They might think of themselves as impeccably Left, and morally superior to conservatives, but in fact have more in common with the intolerant, aggressive authoritarians than they have with those who really believe in democracy, and freedom.

While in many cases this does not reflect a widespread conspiracy it is obvious that the paradigm to which these people subscribe is one which has only contempt for the ordinary citizens, particularly the working class. Their urge to be seen virtue signalling leads them to support every supposed victim of discrimination, however unjustified their complaints may be. While they express sympathy for those fleeing, via boats on the Channel, that apparent hotbed of danger, France, they ignore the large number of British youngsters in deprived areas whose unsuccessful efforts to find jobs, or decent accommodation, are further undermined by this constant stream of arrivals. They connive at exposing children to the most depraved propaganda concerning sexual matters, while ignoring the parents who are horrified by this, thus bringing them into conflict with many Muslims, an ironic position in which to find themselves, as they usually put the demands of the latter above those of the Christian majority. They promote the ludicrous efforts by a vanishingly small minority of so called trans to distort society, and to corrupt our language, destroying our freedom to think, and say, what we wish, in a cause which has minimal public support. With a few exceptions the political elite do little or nothing to oppose all this and, unless the people cease to be apathetic, and demand that action is taken, the downward spiral into a future dominated by the agenda of a patronising and disdainful few will only accelerate.

Conservatives (with a small c) of all parties, and none, are not the rapacious Victorian mill owners of the fevered imagination of the Guardian readers, but sensible people who believe in an orderly, not authoritarian society, support constitutional monarchy and parliamentary government, are often religious, patriotic, without being nationalistic, and respect the law, provided that there is a democratic way for the people to make changes to the latter, the absence of one being the main reason that so many wished to leave the European Union. They expect a criminal justice system, which defends the innocent, requiring punishments to fit the crime, but are supportive of the welfare state as a means of ensuring that no one is left destitute, and, while seeking friendship with other nations, are aware of the need to maintain our defences in a perilous world. A large section of the working class support these straightforward ideas, but Marxists, and the like, arrogantly consider that they know better than those they purport to represent. The enemies of decent people are the fanatics of fascism, nihilism, anarchism and communism, to which must now be added those attempting to distort our society with the idiotic notions put forward by the so called 'woke'.

The failings in the services provided across the board in the public sector, and indeed increasingly in private companies, is attributable to two major decisions by the political class. The first was to join the bureaucratic, and undemocratic, European Union, the second being Tony Blair's policy of sending fifty per cent of youngsters to university. The intention that so many pupils, however unacademic, should be pushed into tertiary education necessitated a reduction in standards throughout the system, from school to college, with the result that many now have degrees which are of no real use, but for which they had paid large sums, and wasted many years obtaining. In order to conceal this fact government has been obliged to create pointless managerial jobs, particularly in the Civil Service, and the NHS, which absorb resources, yet contribute almost nothing worthwhile to these institutions.

However the major culprit is the malevolent effect of transferring democratic control from elected representatives in Westminster to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Although we have escaped the EU, our over forty years as members has left us with a managerial culture, which hamstrings large numbers of organisations, and diverts resources from the task of creating prosperity, while empowering sections of society who believe that they have the right to overrule policies determined by popular mandate. The worst of these misbegotten creations of the EU years is of course the Human Resources industry. These parasitic departments obstruct those seeking to do a real job, while inflicting upon workforces endless pointless policies, and create legions of non jobs, highly paid, but useless, such as consultants on diversity, wellness and sustainability, while taking it upon themselves to dictate social responsibilities, properly the province of elected bodies.

The Civil Service exists to implement the policies laid out by those elected by the people to parliament, yet the former now seem to think that they have the right refuse to attend the office, to create actual policy, make personal attacks on ministers with whom they disagree, and actually refuse to work on projects if they do not like the political intent of same. They are for the most part devotees of the EU, and block attempts to rid us of the malign remnants of membership. That so many companies in the private sector are falling into the same trap is the consequence of weak and inefficient senior managers preferring to leave such matters to the very people who are creating the problems. We must complete the revolution against the bureaucrats by abolishing the whole of the HR industry, reducing the number of managers in the NHS by ninety per cent, dismissing those public employees who will not come into the office, or believe that they have the right to determine policy, and ceasing to waste time and money turning out ever more graduates for whom there is no demand, while foolishly continuing to neglect the creation of apprenticeships, and on the job learning.

It is clear that the ordeal endured by the family of Nicola Bulley was made worse by the actions of those on social media, who put forward theories, and made accusations, without any proof, even claiming that her bereaved husband was culpable. Deplorable as this is it is obvious that it is only a part of a greater truth, that the internet is a curse, not a blessing, and that it, and further developments in technology, are destroying our society, and threaten humanity's future. It has empowered those whose only recourse in the past was to shout nonsense on street corners, so that now they can broadcast their moronic ideas to the world, and abuse anyone who opposes them, rendering social media a cesspit. Conspiracy theorists, no matter how idiotic their beliefs, have a field day, while the practice of cancelling individuals is a pernicious form of bullying causing many, particularly children, deep hurt. As far as the latter are concerned the presence of despicable websites encouraging self harm, and even suicide, have been responsible for actual deaths, while the sinister advocates of the woke ideology have used the web to attempt to brainwash youngsters, and to silence anyone who does not subscribe to their vile creed, while countless people have suffered loss from the scams now so ubiquitous, something the authorities seem unwilling to properly confront.

The commercial use of online retail has done more damage to our high streets than did the Luftwaffe, while countless people have suffered loss from the scams now so ubiquitous, something the authorities seem unwilling to properly confront. A recent report found that online gambling is causing more and more people to fall into debt, and that it has fuelled the addiction. The effect on the use of cash has made life harder for those who cannot afford to use credit cards, while the existence of the web has also caused problems for many organisations whose white collar employees are refusing to come into the office, claiming that they can work from home, not a luxury afforded to most of the working class who man the factories, run services such as the fire brigade, and the front line NHS.

Quite apart from these current ills caused by technology we are creating AI entities which, in addition to the fact that they cannot by definition have a spiritual side, will be lacking the animal half of our nature, so that they will not experience emotions, and in particular empathy, a lack which in humans makes a person a sociopath, and consequently a danger to all. Of course, we now have a tiger by the tail, and will not be able to let go. The dystopia created by technology warned of by science fiction writers now seem to be rapidly approaching.

On the political spectrum we derive the terms Left and Right from the seating arrangements in the French National Assembly during the Revolution, yet these labels have become largely meaningless in a modern context. It is noticeable that the broadcast media, in particular the BBC, and some national newspapers, use the term 'far right' to describe any organisation or person who does not subscribe to the prevailing fashionable opinions espoused by the liberal elite, so those who would describe themselves as conservative are demonised by an attempt to conflate their views with those of the lunatics of Nazism and Fascism.

Seventy five years ago George Orwell, in my view the greatest political thinker of the 20th Century, wrote the novel 1984. This was one of the most prescient books ever written, eclipsing most science fiction stories, in that it is so true to the age in which we now live, while, as a horror story it puts fantasies such as Dracula in the shade. Not only did Orwell predict the Thought Police, the two minute hates, and Newspeak, but he foresaw the mutability of the past becoming the means to suppress truth.

The novel contains the following paragraph, which anyone not in thrall to the woke will recognize as being a clear description of what is taking place right now, in our universities, our streets, and in public discourse "Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right." Of course the fall of Communism means that it is no longer the Party, but the new puritans of the liberal left who are to be treated as always right. These people are well aware of Orwell's dictum "And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed, if all records told the same tale, then the lie passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."

When we see the statements in the novel that "The Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." who can doubt that this is the philosophy behind the assertions made by the woke that a man is a woman if he says he is, regardless of the truth. We must reject these deranged lunatics, and demand that objective truth is how things must be judged, not the insane claims of these modern witch-finders. If we do not then we face a reality, encapsulated by the novel's main character, Winston Smith, at the beginning of 1984 "To the past, or to the future. To an age when thought is free. From the Age of Big Brother, from the Age of the Thought Police, from a dead man - greetings!". The Ministry of Truth is awaiting its moment to be born.