The vile lies of the intellectuals and their moronic supporters

My abiding memory of the local election campaign in 2019 will be what occurred when my wife and I were delivering leaflets for my candidacy in our local ward. As I put one through a door a moronic yob burst out swearing, calling me a racist and the dregs of society. When I pointed out that I was in fact a churchgoer and trade unionist he merely shouted that he was not interested in anything I had to say and, when my wife, who is an intelligent, kind and generous person remonstrated with him he said that we were both scum.

Uneducated cretins like this are the result of an education system dominated by those who brainwash their pupils into believing that the EU is a benign organisation, which is only opposed by malevolent extremists, while a totally biased media, in particular the BBC, reinforce this image with their vile lies. For decades these people have sought to portray Eurorealists as racists, despite the fact that the population of the EU is ninety per cent Caucasian and, as Dr Goebbels knew only too well, if you keep repeating a lie with sufficient authority, many, if not most people will come to believe it. Far from those such as myself being racist it is in fact the Remainers who fit that bill, as so many of them are anti Semites. As a non Jewish person I would have thought that any decent person who was aware what the Jewish people had suffered over the centuries, culminating in the horrors of the Holocaust, would feel nothing but sympathy for them, and understand why they need one small segment of the Earth to call home. However the fascists who infest so much of the political class reserve their bile for the people of Israel, pretending that they are only concerned about the rights of the Palestinians, rather than admit to their support for the oldest prejudice known.

The BBC is expert in repeating lies, as it constantly describe patriotic parties across the world as 'far right', while demonising those who seek to represent the real wishes of their electorate as 'populists', despite the fact that a democrat would wish to support such parties, not treat them as reprehensible. The coverage of the EU election results almost beggars belief, were we not so accustomed to the BBC's disgusting bias. One who knew nothing of the matter would conclude that the supporters of Remain had won, as the BBC website declares that anti Brexit parties were in the majority, treating the votes for the Conservatives as neutral, while the tone of the TV coverage was that it was just a protest vote, the Labour commentator Lady Nugee (Emily Thornberry) provided with a platform to claim that it proved her party should be more pro Remain, the sort of insane analysis one expects from a fully paid up member of the selfish political establishment.

Of course retards of the type we encountered lack the brainpower to understand even simple issues, but many of their fellow Europhiles, who would not consider using such abusive language, share their opinion of those who oppose their beloved EU, couching their views in coded language, about a lack of understanding, or of an excess of gullibility, or of being a victim of foreign propaganda, to conceal their intellectual, and class contempt, for those who dare to disagree with them. Britain has long been afflicted, more perhaps than any other country, although the US runs us close, in having a so called intellectual elite, who always criticise their own nation, its history and culture, while excusing the actions or beliefs of anyone else, in particular those who are our rivals or enemies. They minimise any suffering our people have endured, while seeking to blame the problems of other peoples on us, or the US, or Israel. The attacks on President Trump, and President Putin, by the Western media fall into this category, as the latter clearly believe that that anyone who supports his own people must be wrong. This sort of person is incapable of understanding why ordinary people take a pride in their country.

Examples of these sort of bias are legion. One reads of how, when Germany was finally defeated in 1945, groups of no doubt well meaning people would endlessly decry the conditions of the Germans, demanding that the victors do more to help, but, when it was pointed out that the position of ordinary people in Britain was also dire, with rationing worsening, and energy supplies failing, these people were not interested. Vera Brittain, in her 'Massacre by Bombing' makes a great deal of the effects of bombing of the German cities, but ignores the previous experience of the countries attacked by Germany, and also the fact that for years the only way to hit at the Nazis, who were gassing millions of innocents in their death camps, was from the air.

Looking back further into history we hear a great deal about the guilt for slavery. No reasonable person would argue with the belief that it was evil, but, although Britain among many other nations were guilty of taking part, it is also true that, after abolition, many British seamen died in the campaign the Royal Navy fought to sweep it from the seas. However all the fashionable intellectuals polluting our airwaves ignore this. In a similar way the British Empire is roundly condemned by modern commentators as being wholly malevolent, which totally fails to give a true picture, particularly when it is compared with the empires of other nations. These people also ignore the sufferings of the British working class during the Industrial Revolution, reflecting the class prejudice which typify so many of these overprivileged types.

As I have pointed out before Clement Attlee, one of our greatest Prime Ministers, said that one should ignore intellectuals, as they are always wrong, and how much better this country would be if we had followed that advice. How often have we seen intelligent men, such as George Bernard Shaw, or Bertrand Russell, give their support to evil dictators such as Stalin, or advocate policies which would have delivered us into the hands of such people. The ordinary person in this country may not have been to university, or spent their time debating the sort of arcane subjects intellectuals love to talk about, but they are fully capable of, as Beatrice says, 'seeing a church by daylight', and recognizing the truths which the former seem unable to appreciate. Those who advocated, and still advocate, throwing away our nuclear weapons, in the belief that this would improve the chances of world peace, are deceiving themselves as to human nature. Do they really think that a Hitler or a Stalin would not wait until until we had disarmed, and then strike?

What we now see is all these gullible idiots using the modern scourge of political correctness to reinforce the enforce their nonsense on the rest of us. Everywhere we look they are in the ascendant. In the field of law and order, when hundreds of innocents are being stabbed to death by thugs on the streets of London, the politicians claim that it is a medical, rather than a criminal problem. What arrant rubbish! Previous generations would have had no problem dealing with these hoodlums, but the idiots who now rule would pass out if asked to deal with them as all reasonable people know they should be dealt with. I know many retired policemen who are just glad that they are no longer in the force, as it has been transformed into a Thought Police, wasting resources pursuing such matters as false allegations about dead celebrities, rather than catching real criminals. Today's decent coppers must be sick of those who are now in charge.

The education system has been corrupted by the insanity that all must have prizes, lowering standards throughout the system, and deceiving youngsters into running up huge debts in order to gain degrees which are of no use in the workplace. In their irrational hatred of grammar schools the so called liberals have done their best to destroy the ladder by which intelligent youngsters from working class homes were able to achieve a good education, leading to a decent career. In addition the universities are infected with those who seek to prevent any ideas which contradict those of the politically correct being given a platform, thus undermining the whole point of a university education, which is supposed to broaden the mind. That this is true at all levels can be seen from the actions of Cambridge University which, not content with turning out the Communist traitors of the Thirties, is now seeking to support the worst of the intolerant bigots, who want only their views to be heard. All those goes hand in hand with the idea that everyone must go to university, so we have the ridiculous situation where nurses must have a degree, thus preventing those willing to practice nursing as a vocation, helping others, are excluded, while too many of the graduates consider emptying a bedpan to be beneath them.

For most British people the NHS is a source of pride, but it is yet another institution which has been undermined by the establishment. Quite apart from the matter of degrees for nurses we see an endless army of parasitical bureaucrats draining the resources from which should be used to provide front line services, not paying for extra meeting rooms, and inflated salaries for useless managers and HR personnel, who cling like barnacles to most modern businesses, dragging them down.

The strident feminists make a great deal of noise, more or less accusing all men of crimes against women but, when Julian Assange is threatened with deportation to Sweden to face sex charges, they change their tune, as he is a darling of those who hate the West. This hypocrisy is also obvious when it comes to facing up to Islamic extremists, as the latter would treat women as second class citizens, but the feminists are reluctant to criticise them, as this would be to support Western values including, God Forbid, Israel.

A recent trend in elections has been for the Green party to increase its support, even though I have met many voters, supporting Leave, and angry with the main parties, who do not appreciate that the party is yet another wanting rule by Brussels. The environmentalists claim that their climate theories are proven beyond any doubt, although this is not true. I will not go into excessive details, but there are explanations for changes in climate other than anthropological action. For instance Milankovitch cycles describe the collective effects of changes in the Earth's movements on its climate over thousands of years, hypothesising that variations in eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession of the Earth's orbit result in cyclical variation in the solar radiation reaching the Earth, and that this strongly influences climatic patterns on Earth. Materials that have been unchanged for millennia, obtained via ice, rock, and deep ocean cores, are being studied to indicate the history of Earth's climate, and they are proving consistent with the Milankovitch hypothesis. Nevertheless the Green fanatics would rather we were all sitting in caves, rubbing two sticks together for warmth, than admit that they could be wrong. Caring for animals, or reducing plastic waste, are good causes, but to turn our backs on all viable means of producing energy, such as nuclear power, is frankly insane. One wonders just how many Green voters realise that their use of cars, cheap plane tickets, or even their beloved mobile phones and computers would be under threat if these fanatics have their way. The stupid kids who shout about 'save the planet' would soon change their tune if they had to walk to school.

The debilitating effect of the dominance of our country by all these useless parasites has appeared to undermine the true spirit of the nation, replacing a stoic and determined people by those who seem to retreat into a fit of the vapours at the slightest setback. I think of how my own mother was bombed by Zeppelins and Gotha bombers in the First World War, endured the great depression, when one of her neighbours actually died of malnutrition, was machine gunned, and thankfully missed, by a Messerschmitt in the Second War, saw her parents' house destroyed in the blitz of 1940, the roof of the house where I was born taken off by a V2, and later, with my father, brought up two sons with very little money. Yet she never needed psychological counselling, and did not spend her time seeking sympathy from others, many of whom had experienced the same. What a contrast to so many today for whom the most minor problems send them running to the media demanding that something be done. However I still believe that the vast majority of the British are unchanged, and that all that is needed to rid us of the intellectual parasites is to, as Orwell said of the Inner Party, 'shrug them off as a horse shrugs off flies'. They only need to be defied and they will fade away like the shallow cowards they are.

I could go on but the message is clear. The kind of people who are seeking to destroy our democracy by ignoring the wishes of the people, and make this country permanently subservient to the bureaucrats of Brussels, are the same people who have always preferred other nations to their own, and who have supported the kind of insane view of the world which has done so much to undermine our country. The departure of Theresa May, our worst ever PM apart from Neville Chamberlain, and Edward Heath, and the success of the Brexit party in the European elections are hopeful signs, but we must always remember that only at Westminster can the treason be stopped. If the electorate run back to their old parties at a general election the results of the EU election will be irrelevant.