War on several fronts

During the over forty years I actively campaigned against UK involvement with the European project I never doubted that eventually we would win. Despite the times when, like John, we seemed to be a voice crying in the wilderness, and our prophecies about the future, although proven correct in the end, were greeted like those of Cassandra, I always believed that the decision by our political class to throw in our lot with the continental nations was an aberration, and totally antithetical to the course of British history as it had developed over the centuries. I remember in the 1980s, telling our tour guide on a holiday in the Alps, a youngster, who was good at his job, but somewhat lacking in political knowledge, that we would undoubtedly leave the EU, to be greeted with incredulity. I was also informed by some I encountered while delivering leaflets, or knocking on doors during election campaigns, that I was an idiot who did not understand politics, which said more about their ignorance than mine. However all that is hopefully behind us although we still await the results of the current negotiations. which are now approaching their endgame, and, provided the government sticks to its guns, should hopefully see a complete final break with Brussels.

Recently the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier again displayed all the arrogance we have come to expect from the EU's unelected apparatchiks, declaring that while the UK would naturally regain sovereignty over its own waters, the same could not be said of the fish to be found therein. Those who recall the treachery practised by the Heath government in the early 1970s will know that, when Geoffrey Rippon was attempting to negotiate British entry into the then EEC, he was confronted by a last minute demand that we accept the newly created Common Fisheries Policy, something specifically designed to allow continental fishing fleets to plunder our fish stocks. Upon referring this to the high priest of the Europhiles, Edward Heath, he was told to ‘swallow it, swallow it all and swallow it now', thus sacrificing our fishing industry on the altar of the European project. Our fishermen do the most dangerous job in the country, even more hazardous than that of the miners, while whole coastal communities have relied on fishing for centuries, but this meant nothing to Heath and his acolytes. There are those now who decry any defence of our fishing industry, on the grounds that it is not economically significant, thus proving that they know the cost of everything, yet the value of nothing, as to betray these brave men would be clearly immoral, and an abdication of our responsibility to protect the interests of our own people. As if this were not enough Barnier seeks to retain the right of the EU's own Juke Box Jury, the European Court of Justice, to continue to impose regulations on our industries, something he would not dare to do were he dealing with the USA, China or any other trading partner.

It is obvious that no equitable agreement can be reached with the EU, and I trust that the UK government will shortly withdraw from talks, declare that a No Deal Brexit is now to be implemented, and that we shall refuse to pay the £39 billion demanded by these bumptious bureaucrats, and their high-handed political masters.

As always I continue a battle with idiots in the local press who seem to have, as Talleyrand said of the restored Bourbons, learnt nothing and forgotten nothing. One rolled out out the old argument that, as a government did not command an absolute electoral majority, it does not represent a majority view. This ludicrous assertion is repeated endlessly by the losers, despite the fact that in a country possessing a number of political parties it is inevitable, only one party dictatorships achieving massive votes in their favour. Indeed, in post war elections, only Attlee attained such a majority.This correspondent attacked government personalities, proving more about her political leanings than their supposed failings. Priti Patel not only represents the majority who voted to leave the EU, but her views on penal policy, and illegal immigration, are shared by most ordinary people, and to be sacked by Teresa May, one of our worst ever Prime Ministers, is a badge of honour, not, as alleged, of disgrace. Dominic Raab, Matt Hancock and Rishi Sunak are also impressive ministers, while Boris himself stood up to the political establishment, and was instrumental in ensuring that the result of the referendum was finally honoured. The disaster of the coronavirus crisis would have tested any government, and I doubt that Labour or the Lib Dems would have handled it better. The writer referred to my ‘beloved Brexit', but of course this was also beloved by a majority of voters, so I make no apology for supporting that democratic decision.

Another regular Europhile also repeated discredited canards about the EU referendum, making clear that he has never accepted the result, while in the matter of the responses to the virus, it is easy to criticise with the advantage of hindsight, but, given the current situation, it seems that the praise heaped on other nations has proved misplaced, our position now being better than many. A constant opponent continued to write from the other side of the looking glass, stating that the 2016 referendum was won by a 'con-trick', ignoring the fact the ordinary people had had enough of the EU. The real confidence trick was played by the entire political elite over decades, when they sought to convince the British people that the European project was merely a free trade deal, while in reality it was always intended to result in a single European state, with the UK being only a province, or possibly several provinces, within a federal organisation. This particular person is an acolyte of the European movement, and it is time that the members of that organisation accepted that they have been thoroughly rumbled, and to find some more productive area in which to expend their energies.

An even more deluded correspondent claimed that my predictions that the EU would collapse had been proved wrong, and that it was in fact stronger than ever. I assume that his rose tinted spectacles are prescribed by teachers moonlighting from awarding inflated A grades to all their favourite pupils, as he is clearly unable, unlike Beatrice, to see a church by daylight. The European political class, and their nomenklatura have spent their entire careers promoting the European project, and they are not going to admit its failure, anymore than diehard Stalinists were to admit that of the Soviet system. In order to keep their show on the road they have been prepared to throw anyone under the wheels of that famous bus, which Europhiles declared we must not miss, as evidenced by the massive unemployment foisted upon the younger generation in the southern EU states, particularly Spain, and the overriding of democracy which occurred both in Greece and in Italy, when unelected Gauleiters were appointed to run democratic countries. He clearly does not understand that the latest wheeze dreamt up by the federalists is in fact a doomed attempt to hold that single currency together, as, once the latter collapses, the whole EU project will certainly follow. The Coronavirus Rescue Fund is nothing of the sort for the hard pressed nations of Southern Europe, as, at best, it offers only a possible stimulus of 1.4 percent of Europe's GDP by 2024, merely a fleabite compared to the amount that is needed now to make any real difference. We may thank our lucky stars, and the good sense of the British people, that we are no longer part of this failing organisation, as we have avoided being on the hook for a vast contribution to this so called rescue fund, at a time when we must look to saving our own economy. I don't expect that we will wake up one morning to hear that the EU collapses overnight, but what we are witnessing is a slow motion car crash, which may allow the organisation to stagger on for a few more years, before it becomes obvious to all that it has joined previous failed projects such as the Latin Monetary Union, a 19th-century system that unified several European currencies into a single currency, established in 1865 and finally abandoned in 1927.

While I value the contribution staff in care homes make to the common good a letter from one person concerning recruitment of these employees from EU countries showed a lack of understanding of the position of the UK vis-a-vis the EU. She began by claiming that the majority to leave was small, but it actually exceeded the combined populations of Sheffield, Leeds and Newcastle, averred that according to Brexiteers we are supposed to hate our continental neighbours, a complete nonsense, as we voted to depart from a political project with which we did not agree, no animus being directed at peoples, while also suggesting that an extension to the Brexit timetable would be a small concession, ignoring the fact that it would leave us in a limbo, where we could not negotiate trade deals with others, while still being subject to diktats from Brussels. Finally she also objected to the idea of setting limits on immigration, yet, on a conservative estimate, there are probably a billion economic migrants who would love to travel from the third world to developed countries, a recipe for destroying the economies, and living standards, of the latter, to no-one's benefit. While decent people sympathise with the plight of those seeking to move to better their lives, I also feel for the children of working class families, particularly in the North, who are finding it impossible to find employment in their own country, while thousands more economic migrants arrive each year, all competing for the small number of jobs available. The real answer is to pay those who work in care homes a much better wage, so that the numbers recruited from the indigenous population will meet the demand for staff in such positions.

However, quite apart from the issue of the EU, we now face a challenge which is equally threatening to our way of life, which I have written of before, but which must continue to be addressed, as it is still growing. The ancient Greek tragedian Sophocles wrote in his play Antigone that “evil sometimes seems good to a man whose mind a god leads to destruction”. We know the version of this better in a proverb often quoted, but wrongly attributed to Euripides, that “those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad”, and I feel that the description by Sophocles perfectly sums up the reality of the politically correct activists who are riding high at the moment, both here, and in the USA.

If one ignores the sinister figures of the hard left, who seek to use these causes to advance their agenda, it is obvious that the vociferous minority who are seeking to corrupt our language, and criminalise those who refuse to bend the knee, literally in some cases, are driven by a conviction of their own moral superiority, yet what they are doing is the opposite of moral. They are a self selecting group of bien pensants, who do not require courage, intelligence or strength to belong, but are merely prepared to declare themselves supportive of every last one of the lunatic ideas they promulgate, and are great ones for demanding rights, but are not keen on responsibility, because this conflicts with their right to be unaccountable, as they might be required to justify their views intellectually, rather than just by shouting down anyone who disagrees with them. Unfortunately many have achieved positions in politics, the media, in particular the BBC, education and the Church, which gives them the chance to influence society in the malign way their stupid ideas demand. The vast majority of voters are instinctively tolerant, patriotic and proud of their nation's history, but they are being treated as uneducated morons by the self described socially aware. We hear a lot about the 'cancel' culture these days, but this is no more than the modern equivalent of the 'unpersoning' of individuals predicted by Orwell, and as practised by Stalin.

In only a few short weeks we have seen, inter alia, the collection of anarchists, nihilists and fascists who constitute Extinction Rebellion actively seeking to suppress free speech by preventing the printing of newspapers which do not wholly subscribe to their unproven theory concerning anthropological climate change, the BBC attempting to remove the patriotic elements of the Last Night of the Proms, more lunacy about cultural icons, even including attacks on Mr Punch, and stupid morons demonstrating in Dover to allow unlimited immigration. These latter claim to be so concerned about the welfare of boatloads of young men trying to exploit our welfare system, but obviously care nothing about young fellow countrymen and women, in Northern towns unable to find work, who are now faced with competition for jobs from these illegal arrivals. Of course these so called liberals are always selective about their targets, the Israelis being constantly attacked, despite the fact that they have been under siege for decades, and do not discriminate against their Arab citizens, while the persecution of Uighurs in China, of Christians in Iraq and Syria, and of the Rohingya in Burma, together with the lack of civil rights in Venezuela, and other nations, are ignored, as the perpetrators share the same one sided view of the world as our own so called liberal elite. It has now been revealed that the Marxists of the Socialist Workers Party have infiltrated the Extinction Rebellion organisation, and are attempting to use it to further their cause of imposing a regime on this country similar to that of Stalin's Russia, Mao's China or North Korea.

These people must be confronted and defeated if our nation is to survive.