We are not safe

Day after day we hear of students, pressure groups, and the lunatics on social media demanding that safe spaces must be provided, where poor little snowflakes can hide, like ostriches burying their heads in the sand, although the latter is a myth, and very unfair to ostriches, while they also obsess with the need not to give so called offence. 

The reality is that, while we as individuals know we are mortal, the fact is that our species lives on a knife edge, and could be swept away, either instantly, or over a long but finite time. The idiots crying for mummy are arrested adolescents, or even frightened children, who refuse to face reality, and expect the rest of us to limit our lives, and pretend that we can have a Panglossian world, where all is for the best in this best of possible worlds, so they may continue to avoid recognising the truth.

T S Eliot rightly said that humankind cannot bear very much reality, and the vast majority of people never think about the threats which are always with us. On a universal scale the cosmos will eventually end, either through a reversal of the Big Bang, or increasing entropy causing the petering out of the stars, although these will not happen until a trillion years in the future. Closer cosmic dangers nearby include the possibility of rogue planets, or wandering neutron stars, disrupting the solar system, solar flares from our four per cent variable Sun damaging the planet, or a supernova occurring in our galactic neighbourhood, bombarding the Earth with deadly radiation. On a lesser scale the various natural variations in the Earth's orbit, continental drift or a failure in the planet's magnetic shield could precipitate disaster for all life here. A plague with a mortality rate of one hundred per cent could wipe out humanity, while the glaciers may return one day. However, the most immediate dangers arise from our own nature, and actions. Non human animals kill for food, but only homo sapiens does so for pleasure, and the historic record shows just how malign humans have been over millennia. The societies of classical times were built on slavery, the Romans used blinding, castration, bodily mutilation and of course crucifixion on those they regarded as rebels, the Huns perfecting impaling as a means of inflicting maximum pain, the Ottomans doing likewise, while flaying people alive. Over the years people have been buried alive and, particularly in mediaeval times, burnt alive. Those like Torquemada, supposedly espousing the religion of love and forgiveness, sent countless innocents to auto-da-fes, and the religious wars saw terrible deaths inflicted on those who disagreed with a particular theology. In living memory the horrors of the Holocaust were almost beyond belief, with little children being thrown alive into furnaces when the Germans ran short of poison gas. So often those who committed these killings ensured that their victims died as painfully, and over as long a time, as possible. We have long been aware of the possibility of nuclear war, and the conflict in the Ukraine has seen countless rapes, and the castration of prisoners of war by the Russian army.

In the face of these facts what do we find students, minority sexual groups, the imbeciles of woke, and their supporters on social media to be concerned about? They cry over what they regard as the misuse of pronouns, demand so called trigger warnings when expected to read the classics of English literature such as the works of Shakespeare, Jane Austin and Dickens. They prevent anyone with an opinion which differs from their insane consensus speaking at universities, and seek to limit free speech whenever they can.

One of the worst of these groups are of course the woke, in particular those attempting to override basic biological facts, and to limit free speech. There is insufficient space to list all their insanities , but a typical one, reported in the newspaper as I write, are morons objecting to York having an exhibition featuring Dick Turpin, because the name Dick is obscene, although it happens to be my middle name. Fortunately, the authorities in York have told them to go whistle, an answer which should be given to all these idiots.

When I was a youngster, just after the war, our favourite 'safe spaces' for playing were the local quarry, and the local derelict anti-aircraft site, where we used to pick up bullets, and other military memorabilia. As far as giving offence is concerned those of us who played football, and went to watch league matches, encountered so much abuse that a modern snowflake would have probably died from hearing it, yet in never did us any harm. Once when big Jack Charlton came onto the pitch as the manager of the visiting team, his parentage, sexuality and ability to play football were all questioned by the home crowd, but he, being a tough North Easterner just smiled and waved, after which they cheered him.

The normal, decent people of this country must fight back, otherwise the country will become so decadent and rotted by these absurd ideas, we cannot survive a real challenge from an enemy not concerned with such idiocy, such as we faced twice in the last century. Some of those who are propagating these insane ideas are of course anarchists, and other left-wing rabble, who are always seeking to overthrow our society, but many of their deluded followers are pathetically uninformed, or just plain stupid. Youngsters who claim that they are 'misgendered' should be told not to be so stupid, it being pointed out that they had a greater chance of having a terminal illness than of being 'in the wrong body'. If the few who actually have a problem continue to do so when they reach adulthood, then perhaps something might be done, but it is a crime to force hormonal drugs onto children, who are going through the normal confusions consequent upon puberty.

Those who take offence at the slightest thing should be reminded that 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me'. Idiots who obsess about crimes of past centuries should direct their ire at those who are actually practising such things today, such as those Muslim countries oppressing women, or China and Russia threatening, and attacking, peaceful neighbours.

Fortunately there are champions of common-sense such  as Attorney General, Suella Braverman, who says that she intends to confront the radical progressive agenda coming to dominate Whitehall, banning any more diversity courses imposed on her staff, and describes these fanatics as "Like the witch-finders of the Middle Ages, donning the outfit of the inquisitors, and never tire of rooting out unbelievers". More power to her arm, as these people, and the lunatics of social media who support all this woke rubbish must be opposed at every turn if we are to restore sanity to our society.

Now is the time for all good men (and women) to stand up and be counted, defying those who are undermining all our values, and destroying our society. A good start would be to close down the poisonous cesspit of social media, and end the blatant bias of the BBC, whose presenters encourage this nonsense.