What a bloody mess

Not since the 1930s, when the political class was in thrall to Neville Chamberlain and the appeasers, has this country been in such a mess. We have a government, ostensibly supporting leaving the EU, led by a Remainer, while the main opposition party, supposedly seeking to remain within the EU, is led by a man whom, as every politically aware person knows, which the ignorant youngsters who cheer him clearly do not, is a Leave supporter. The Prime Minister is a stupid, vain and arrogant woman, who is determined to push through her pathetic Chequers deal, which no one, including the EU, supports, while Jeremy Corbyn is prepared to forswear his many years of principled opposition to the EU in order to win power.

The Conservative party conference was a disgrace. Can one imagine, at a time of national crisis, Churchill, Thatcher, Attlee, or any other serious PM coming onto the stage dancing? That embarrassment was followed by the spectacle of the delegates doing what they have always done in living memory, supporting the leader even when it is patently obvious that he or she is totally useless. Although they clearly have a choice in Boris Johnson, who actually believes in Brexit, these Tory automatons applaud someone whose approach to the arrogant and bullying bureaucrats running the EU is to get on her knees and beg for a deal.

Quite apart from the obvious betrayal of the referendum result, the utter stupidity of the Tories is set fair to let Corbyn and his Marxists into government, an event which would even eclipse the disaster of reneging on Brexit. There are idiots who believe that a short dose of hard left policies would inoculate the electorate against ever risking them again, but this assumes that it would possible to evict the Corbynites from power, once they had attained it. The Marxists have been trying for a century to subvert the Labour party and now that they have succeeded they will never let it go. It is quite possible to imagine such a government extending the period to the next general election for fifteen years, to give them time to sort out he mess the Tories have left, to suppress the other political parties on specious grounds such as being racist or some such, to complete the conversion of the police, begun under Tory governments, to a Thought Police, intent on persecuting anyone who disagreed with the political leaders, and to so corrupt the educational system that only Marxist orthodoxy would be taught to youngsters. In fact they would establish a one party state as they did in Eastern Europe after the last war. They would eventually dispose of our nuclear weapons, emasculate the Armed Forces, withdraw from NATO, make enemies of the USA and Israel, and friends of Iran, North Korea, etc.

When Harold Wilson was about to become PM there were moves made, but never acted upon, for a military takeover by opponents of socialism, and Wilson was a pussycat compared to Corbyn. One can imagine a situation where the Army might institute a military coup to save Britain. The only obstacle would be whether the ordinary soldiers would go along with it.

So we now face the possibilities of being a vassal state of the EU, of a Marxist dictatorship, or even a military coup. We are in this mess because of the utter selfishness of the political class, the stupid naivety of the liberal elite, and the failure of our education system to teach reality to the average person. What a situation in which this country now finds itself.

I know from my constant battles in the media with Remainers that, quite apart from those who support the EU for their own selfish reasons, a great many have lost sight of the wood for the trees, preferring instead to discuss lesser matters of trade and finance, while not considering the process in its proper historical context. The architects of the EU, Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman had watched Hitler win power through the ballot box, and wrongly concluded that electorates were not to be trusted, ignoring the special circumstances obtaining in Germany at the time. They therefore put forward the concept of Europe as a single state, governed by supposedly objective bureaucrats, who could be trusted not to allow demagogs to ever again come to power. The ordinary people would be allowed the pretence that they retained democratic control, but in fact decisions would be taken by a select group of apparatchiks, appointed not elected.

That this model was doomed to fail is obvious to anyone who understands human nature, as the people designated to exercise control were not the ideals represented by Plato's philosopher Kings, who needed to possess both a love of knowledge, as well as intelligence, reliability, and a willingness to live a simple life, but instead corruptible bureaucrats, who would soon be seduced by a lack of democratic accountability into totally ignoring the interests of the people, if they conflicted with their own wishes. They would also soon become self perpetuating, with an oligarchical class becoming immovable, as happened in the USSR and elsewhere.

It is not hard to see that this concept is the antithesis of the democracy which we in Britain have spent centuries building, and it is this realisation, perhaps more than any other factor, which led to the referendum result, as the British people knew instinctively that they did not wish to sacrifice their right to rule themselves in return for the mess of pottage offered by Brussels. However the determination of the politicians effectively to reverse that result has so distorted public debate that common-sense has gone out of the window, while the pernicious influence of social media, and the general low standard of political education, has led to the most absurd positions being treated as valid propositions.

What I find truly frightening is that so many people, who consider themselves idealists, have deceived themselves into believing that the EU is a voice for freedom and decency in the world, rather than the monster into which it is growing. Many British people, brought up in one of the most civilised countries on the planet, think that foreigners are basically the same as us, merely choosing to speak 'funny'. Although this is true of many around the world, and indeed in Europe, such as the Scandinavians, the Swiss, French and Portuguese, it is unfortunately untrue when looking at Europe to the east of the Rhine, with the exception of the old Czechoslovakia. We all know how the Germans behaved last century, others such as the Hungarians and the Rumanians fought on the side of the Nazis, the Poles have a long history of vile anti semitism, the most brutal brigade in the SS came from Latvia, the recent behaviour of the Serbs in the Balkans, and the enthusiasm which many Ukrainians displayed in helping the Nazis massacre Jews, including ninety babies and toddlers in one infamous atrocity, all go to show that there is a fundamental difference between their culture and ours. As populist rebellions against Brussels grow then the European Parliament, and the EU itself, will become dominated by such people. Do we want to be associated with them? No doubt the morons will call this xenophobia, but actually a phobia is an irrational fear, and there is nothing irrational in fearing the rise of a new fascist Europe.

This is truly a Carpe Diem moment for Britain. Should we not now seize the day, and become once more an independent and democratic nation, rejecting the siren voices which would lead us down those paths which would destroy all we have built over centuries, it will be the greatest, and perhaps last, betrayal in our island history, as the country we love would cease to exist.