What follows

If the Europhiles succeed in their plots to create a federal Europe, run by unaccountable and immovable bureaucrats then the future for those of us who have fought them will be grim. At the very least we can expect to be forced to recant our views on pain of losing all economic status and prospects, perhaps we shall be obliged to attend re-education camps, or at worst to end up in another sort of camp. However, if, against the odds, right does triumph, as it did following the black days of 1940, it might be worth considering just what we would need to do to restore Britain as a self governing, independent and democratic nation. For what it is worth I offer my views but no doubt others would have different priorities.

The first thing would be to decide what to do about those traitors and fellow travellers who have spent so many years lying to the British people and benefiting from selling out this country to Brussels. If we escape from the EU without bloodshed then we should not besmirch our triumph by adopting the methods of Continental tyrants. The mere fact that their schemes had failed would be punishment enough for most but those who had actively contributed to the EU's take-over of this country, such as large numbers of MPs, almost all MEPs, many bureaucrats and other so called opinion formers, should be excluded from partaking in public life in the revived nation. Let them retire to private life and watch the ship of state sail away from the destination they had laboured so long to reach. However, if the break with the EU should involve the need for physical insurrection, then the traitors should obviously receive the treatment which any nation at war would apply to those who gave aid and succour to the enemy while their compatriots bled. Let us hope it never comes to that.

Once control of our affairs had been restored to our elected representatives in Westminster then a priority would be to clear our statute book of all laws passed which originated in Brussels, unless we chose to keep any we considered worthy, a possibility, although not a likely one. We would need to immediately restore our 200 mile fishing limit, reorganise farming on a sensible basis, far removed from the CAP, and abolish all the stifling regulations and bureaucratic nonsense which owe existence to the EU, for example ridiculously excessive Health and Safety rules.

Although we would naturally be willing to negotiate matters relating to trade with our erstwhile 'partners' anything which interfered with our freedom to run our own country in accordance with the wishes of the people would be excluded. Certainly we would need to redefine our foreign policy as the concept of submerging our armed forces in some sort of pan European organisation would be scrapped, as would the idea that our positions relating to world affairs would be determined by the views of Brussels. A kind of wary friendship would be the safest way to deal with the often volatile European nations. Restoring relations with the Commonwealth and promoting the concept of the Anglosphere, based on shared history and values not race, would make for a safer world.

One immensely important issue would be to prevent such a betrayal ever happening again and this would involve a large and determined effort to open the eyes of the people to what the political class had done by stealth over many years. Schools would need to teach the values of independence and freedom as a priority, including a detailed historical study of how our democracy evolved, while the media would be required to provide a truly balanced view of issues, as the behaviour of some, particularly the BBC, has been disgraceful, treating any view not coinciding with that of the pro Europeans as at best eccentric or, at times, as racist or worse.

We are still a long way from safety but it sometimes helps to think of how much better things would be if we could lift the dead hand of Brussels from our nation. We certainly need an optimistic vision to offer the British people if we are ever to convince them to turn on the time serving and corrupt political class which currently oppresses what could once again be the finest country in the world.