What needs to be taught

The Prime Minister advocates that the teaching of Maths should be a priority, although one suspects that he really means numeracy, as the ability to add up a few figures is more useful for the average person that knowing all about the calculus of the hyperbola.

However the level of debate concerning economic matters in this country makes clear that this is a subject which should be made a compulsory part of the curriculum, as even the most basic features appear to be unknown to the majority of people. There are inescapable truths, which many, particularly politicians, try to obfuscate, but nevertheless they remain true.

None of this means that we should not do our best to support those who are disadvantaged, but a contracting, declining economy is less able to do so, nor to finance the health service, nor to defend the nation. If we are ever to restore a stable, prosperous economy the above principles should be understood, and accepted by all reasonable people, and policies must be based upon them, not on some magic money tree, which exists only in the imagination of those who prefer for political reasons to deny reality.