Where are we going?

As we reach the end of a pretty dreadful year it is worth looking at what we might expect for 2022. Although there have been worse years, such as 1940 when, as Churchill pointed out, we were at war with Germany and Italy, France had been knocked out of the war, Russia was assisting Hitler, and the US was remaining determinedly neutral, there are nevertheless a number of trends which bode ill for the future.

Of course, brooding over the whole planet, is the ongoing Covid pandemic. While the government has made mistakes these were understandable in the light of a health emergency unprecedented since the 1918 Spanish flu. Even the most imbecilic of the government's political opponents have not been able to blame Boris for the spread of the bug, but they, and their supporters in the media such as the BBC, have spent months criticising every action taken, whether it be demanding that something be done that has not been, or condemning those measures actually implemented. It has been noticeable that, when asked just what action they would have taken, they fail to answer, merely aping Edward VIII in saying "something must be done", without offering any specific suggestions. However it is necessary that we cease to react in panic mode, otherwise we shall wreck the economy, so the constant testing and isolating must stop, and every effort made to return to normal.

One obvious lesson which should be, but probably will not be, learned, is that the NHS is not fit for purpose. This bureaucratic monstrosity has, as always, absorbed immense amounts of money, which is then spent on yet more administrators, and box ticking pen pushers, rather than on those who really deserve our praise, the front line workers. We constantly hear the refrain "we must protect the NHS", when in reality it is the NHS which should be protecting us. That the government has allocated yet more funding to these useless apparatchiks, without insisting that major reforms are undertaken, solves nothing. All this is compounded by the ridiculous requirement that nurses should hold a university degree, as nursing should be a vocation, to which non graduates may aspire.

Associated with this is a phenomenon which has received a great deal of publicity, and that is the rise of so called anti vaxers. While these idiots have the right to commit suicide if they so wish, it is totally unacceptable that they should abuse those who prefer to live, even to the extent of sabotaging the operation of vaccination centres by physical intimidation, or booking available jabs they have no intention of actually accepting. It is clear that there are a great many more morons in the general population than we has realised, and, unless actively resisted, will cause trouble in the future.

Turning to other matters the BBC recently showed a documentary made in 1963 about the dreadful weather experienced that winter. I remember looking out of the window on Boxing Day 1962, and saw the first flurries of snow falling, not realising that we were in for an horrendous freeze destined to last into early March. The film of villages cut off, the trains stopped, the roads blocked, accompanied by an account of people freezing in their own homes, as coal was unable to get through was frightening, even though we managed to survive the emergency.

What should concern us now is that, should there be a repeat of such weather in the future we shall pay a dreadful price for abandoning reliable sources of energy, such as coal, gas and petrol, in order to rely on wind, wave or solar power. Apart from during the actual blizzards the turbines desecrating our countryside and coast would, thanks to the domination of high pressure systems, yield nothing, the frozen seas would make wave power useless, and the lack of Sun would ensure that any solar power available was totally insufficient for our needs.

We are allowing a vociferous minority, in thrall to a flawed theory, to determine our vital energy policies. This is the result of human beings refusing to accept that there are problems which cannot be blamed on anyone, and which cannot be solved, but to which we must adapt if possible. Should a rogue black star or planet enter the solar system, or if the Sun were to experience the sort of major flare which has occurred in the past, then it would be Armageddon. However variations in climate have befallen the planet, both in geological and historical times, and we have been able to overcome them. Should there be a significant rise in global temperature in the future, something which is by no means certain, then humanity must come to terms with that reality. It does not require us to cast aside our current means of powering our civilisation which are not responsible for any change, but which is the result of natural processes such as eccentricities in the the Earth's orbit, and the fact that the Sun is a four percent variable star. The government is making a serious mistake in embracing the Green agenda, when it should be concerned about the country running out of energy, while we have the resources of North Sea Gas, and fracking available. We can, calmly, and without rushing, seek to create mini nuclear plants, tidal power and later satellites broadcasting Sun power, but these must wait for the right technology to be developed.

The international situation is menacing, with Russia threatening Ukraine, China glowering at Taiwan, and Iran moving ever closer to obtaining nuclear weapons, while the USA is going through one of its periods of hysteria, comparable to prohibition, or the McCarthy era. That country now has a vacillating, indeed pusillanimous, and apparently senile, President, while the opposition seems to have decided to sign up to lunatic conspiracy theories such as Qanon.

Although it will provoke the largely anti Semitic liberal Left into more anti Jewish rhetoric it seems likely that Israel will be obliged, as a matter of national survival, to take steps to neutralise Iran, while the West must recognize that Russia, a nation which has suffered murderous invasions from the West, such as Napoleon's in 1812, and of course the Germans in 1941, has valid reasons to wish to prevent what it perceives as a hostile force establishing itself on their borders. If Mr Putin is willing to renounce any military action, in exchange for a promise that NATO will advance no further East then tensions can be reduced, otherwise we risk war. However the Chinese, under an increasingly despotic leader are a threat, not just to Taiwan, with a weakened USA offering them an opportunity to implement military steps to expand their empire.

One matter which has been derailed by the pandemic is of course Brexit. While Boris did succeed in achieving our exit from the EU it is very far from being the clean break Leavers wished to see. The European Court of Justice still possesses influence over Northern Ireland, which remains in effect in the EU's Single Market, while new laws, originating from Brussels, are still being applied in Ulster. Unless the so called Protocol is abolished we may yet see a return to internal strife in the province. In addition we are still struggling to regain control of our own borders, with unacceptable numbers of economic migrants being pushed across the Channel by France. Perhaps the greatest threat to our freedom is that, if the current government fails to grasp the nettle, and put an end to links with Brussels, a future leftwing government would be able to effectively reverse Brexit by stealth.

The absolute insanity of the 'woke' is still running riot. On the one hand a vanishingly small sexual minority is being permitted to undermine our society, as children, who should just be told to grow up and stop being stupid, are being subjected to drugs to interfere with their sexual development, and great, hairy men are allowed to self identify as women in order to gain access to what should be female only locations, such as hospital wards. Free speech is being undermined by attention being paid to the vociferous morons of social media, not least in the universities where trigger warnings, no platforming and other such nonsenses are completely destroying the raison d'ĂȘtre of such establishments, which should be promoting democratic debate, not suppressing it.

One matter which is not receiving the attention it deserves is the ongoing development of Artificial Intelligence. Humanity is taking a very dangerous road, as the creation of conscious computers which may result, not this year, but soon, could represent a threat to our continued domination of this planet. We have no idea of how the agenda of such machines might clash with that of ourselves. This is a matter which will one day come to haunt us.

The justice system is being subverted by changes, emanating largely from too much attention being paid to the uneducated emoters of social media, and their so called Twitter storms. One of the most fundamental principles of British law is that one is innocent until proved guilty, but this is being weakened on several fronts. It should be obvious that accusations are proof of nothing, unless backed by some sort of genuine evidence, but we now have those accused being treated as guilty, even when, as so often with rape cases, it relies on 'He said, She said'. Of course rapists should be punished, but there have been many cases where the complainant is proved to have lied, while how on earth is someone supposed to defend themselves against assertions that they did something decades ago, as seems to happen regularly. That employers punish the accused without any conviction is a disgrace, and failure to reverse such actions when the person is shown to be innocent utterly deplorable.

This sort of trial by public opinion, not facts, is made worse by the attitude of the police, who now seem to consider themselves a Thought Police, permitted to pursue people for their opinions. That one member of a force told a member of the public that he was speaking to him "to check on his thinking" proves this, while the way the police went on a fishing expedition to find anyone willing to corroborate the loathsome pedophile who accused Sir Edward Heath and others of crimes they did not commit was despicable. As for nurses, the supposed need for policeman to have attended university is yet another nail in the coffin of common-sense policing.

In conclusion, the current outlook for this country is gloomy. There are very many trends which, if not reversed, may accelerate, and finally undermine our society. It is time for the adults to take back control from the hysterical left liberals, and their allies, who will otherwise destroy much of what it means to be British. Is the government up to it? I don't know, but we must hope that they are!