Where now are Conservative policies?

The Remainer wing of the Tory party, backed to the hilt by much of the media, in particular the BBC, tried and failed, by use of a vote of confidence, to eject their arch enemy Boris Johnson from Downing Street, although, if one were to judge by the way the result has been reported, one would think that he lost, rather than won.

Although memories are short, I trust that the way in which the Remainers sought, from June 2016 onwards, to overturn the largest democratic decision ever taken by the people has not been forgotten. While the vast majority of the political elite tried every trick in the book to continue the subjugation of these islands to the bureaucrats of Brussels those who worked for freedom from the EU found themselves demonised, and faced the prospect of the electorate being ignored so that snivelling traitors might triumph.

Although one might have wished for a UKIP victory at the polls it became obvious that in practice only the Leavers in the Conservative party would be able to honour the will of the people, and foremost among them was Boris Johnson. While Teresa May, and other appeasers tried to effectively undermine Brexit I was desperate for Boris to win through, and finally he did. He not only won a parliamentary majority, but appointed patriots such as Priti Patel, and Dominic Raab, to the Cabinet, thereby ensuring that the levers of power were in the hands of Leavers. Boris followed through on his promise to get Brexit done, albeit that we still await a full completion of the process, and was then almost immediately faced with a public health emergency, which would have tried the abilities of anyone. Yes, he made mistakes, but overall, he achieved much, ensuring that vaccinations were made available once they were ready, and trying to limit the impact of coronavirus in the meantime. Since then he has shown true leadership in his actual support, in money and weapons, for the people of Ukraine, as they face attack by the fascists of Russia.

The thanks he gets from the left wing media, led by the BBC, is to endure constant attacks about a few minor transgressions, which owe more to his amiable personality than to any malign intent. The constant stream of garbage emanating from these hypocrites is fuelled by their hatred of the fact that he actually fulfilled his promises on Brexit, and ignored the bleating of the liberal left, who have, for far too long, had everything their own way. To them a controversy over who ate cake, when, is just a means of seeking to undermine public support for their mortal enemy. They keep trying to force his resignation over this absurdity, ignoring the fact that he has paid the fine as required by law. After all, if one were to pay a fine for a minor offence, would not one expect that to be the end of the matter.

However, having said all that, I am now in despair at the direction the government has taken since over a number of major issues, which I am afraid are due to paying too much attention to the left of the Conservative party, the so called 'one nation Tories', who are in fact 'no nation Tories'. On matters such as public finance, defence, sexual politics, administration relating to the NHS and the civil service, green issues, and education, government policy is completely out of step with the conservative opinions of the majority of his erstwhile supporters, and therefore risks a return to power of those who would take us back to the position we were in before the referendum.

One primary problem is that, having delivered the first stages of Brexit the government is failing to capitalise on the many advantages would should now be enjoying by continuing to adhere to EU regulations which are of no relevance to this country. Even worse the Northern Ireland protocol is being used by a spiteful EU as a means of punishing us for Brexit, and should be denounced immediately.

It may say something about the current state of education that we seem to need to learn yet again the economic lessons of the 1970s and 1980s. Despite what many believe a government does not have money of its own, but relies on income to fund expenditure. Although careful long term borrowing may have a beneficial effect the truth is that, if the state spends money it does not have, by the expansion of the money supply, it inevitably decreases the actual value of the money in the economy. This in turn increases the cost of everything, and is the main cause of inflation, although external factors can also generate problems. During the pandemic the government was obliged to massively overspend, and therefore, if inflation is to be controlled, must either raise the excess through taxes, or reduce expenditure to be lower than income. It is pointless for opponents to rant about tax rises, or benefit cuts, as the alternative is runaway inflation, which will destroy savings, and the strength of the economy. All this is well known to economists but, for political reasons, many just ignore these basic facts, while the spendthrift policies of the opposition parties would only make a bad situation worse. There is no magic money tree, and, if the economy is to be returned to anything like equilibrium, no easy solution. Supporters of Keynes may disagree, but they should remember that limited, and targeted, excess sending is very different from emergency expenditure in the face of a global disaster. The PM and the Chancellor are not fools, and know all this, yet the course being followed, of spending money like there is no tomorrow, combined with swinging tax increases, will only spell disaster as inflation roars out of control, just as happened in the 1970s.

The PM has spoken out against the insane views of those who put the interests of a tiny transsexual minority ahead of the rights of women, and unsurprisingly his statements concerning the so called 'trans' issue have been greeted with hysterical condemnation from those pushing this absurd agenda. Quite sensibly he said that he doesn't think that think that biological men should be competing in female sporting events, children are not competent to make decisions about their gender, and that, at the very least, parents must have involvement in their child's gender decision. In a sane world none of these comments would require making, and would be uncontroversial, but of course we no longer live in such a world. Nevertheless, nothing is being done to actively oppose those who seek to distort our society.

Women have seen many of their hard won rights undermined by virtual signalling lunatics, determined to force their demands upon the majority, the destruction of a level playing field in sport being one. In addition, a growing number of young people are now expressing regret that they ever allowed the usual confusions consequent upon puberty to, at the behest of vociferous activists, direct them down the road of gender reassignment, and that they now wish they had never listened to those siren voices.

On the issue of gender the PM speaks for the overwhelming majority of the British people, who do not choose to live in the Alice in Wonderland world inhabited by the trans obsessives. The opposition parties find it impossible to define what constitutes a woman, something normal people have no trouble in determining. It is a far greater scandal than 'partygate' that the heirs to great Labour leaders, such as Attlee and Gaitskill, should be so afraid of the woke extremists that they refuse to condemn their imbecilities, and proves that they are truly unfit to govern. The universities should be told that if they continue to advocate such ideas they will be downgraded to polytechnics, and no public money will be forthcoming for them, while a purge of those, both in their administration, and teaching staff, is urgently required. The government must act, words are not enough.

There is now apparently a determined effort to stop the flow of illegal immigration across the Channel. A cursory inspection of the visual record of the boats arriving reveals that probably more than ninety per cent of those on board are young men. This is in complete contrast to the Ukrainians fleeing from the Russians, who are women and children, while their men are staying to fight the aggressors. In addition, many of those interviewed after arriving on the beaches admit that they are from Third World countries where no combat is in progress. It is obvious that they are primarily economic migrants, breaking the law in order to jump the queue, and ignoring the fact that they have passed through safe countries on their way to the UK.

Sympathy should be reserved for the inhabitants of British communities in the old industrial areas, who have seen the steel works, mines and shipyards closed, while the Job Centres are full of adverts for training courses, but no jobs. It is a disgrace that the majority of those coming in have been transferred to such areas as Teesside, while the comfortable denizens of prosperous areas such as north London risk no competition for their livelihoods, in professions such as PR, and human resource management. I suspect that if reception centres were set up in Highgate, and St John's Wood, we would soon become aware of squeals of protest from the middle classes. The government talks a good game, but still the illegals keep coming. Arrest them all, and transfer them either to Rwanda, or to holding areas before deporting them. The government is far too liberal in the treatment of those who are trying to, in effect, invade this country.

Boris has supported the people of Ukraine both morally and physically, as they seek to defeat the Russian bear, yet many people in the West have lost all sense of proportion. In the Ukraine Russian troops are using sexual violence as a weapon, with small children being forced to see their mothers raped, while here we see pathetic individuals claiming to be devastated because someone addressed them with what they deem to be the wrong pronoun. A recent news film showed a father and mother murdered in cold blood by Putin's thugs, but endless news columns are devoted to a minor altercation between two Hollywood luvvies.

Idiots persist in harping on about who ate cake, when we need to support resolute leadership trying to provide effective support to Ukraine. As we witness the contrast between the meaningless talking shop of the EU, and the military power of NATO, Remainers prove that they are like the Bourbons who, as Talleyrand said "They had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.", being unable to recognize that the Europeans are too dependent on Russian energy to defy Putin.

However, while the PM is to be commended for his support for that hero President Zelensky, and his people. he is still not committing to the sort of upgrade our own armed forces require in the face of the threats we face. A substantial increase the size of the Navy and the Air Force is imperative, while the Army must be disabused of the idea of fighting the last war with outmoded armour, but instead to massively increase the number of soldiers available, while investing in the sort of high tech weapons that have decimated Putin's forces.

One area where the PM is completely wrong is that of environmentalism where he is still too beholden to the environmental fanatics. Extinction Rebellion are again blocking fuel supplies over their false claims that changes to climate are manmade, while millions are worried that they will not be able to heat their homes. Their whole campaign is based on a false premise, as examination of the historical, and geological record, shows that the climate has frequently varied in accordance with natural factors totally outside any human agency. Amounts of carbon dioxide, which at 0.04% is almost a trace gas in the atmosphere, have fluctuated quite separately from major climate changes, and indeed it increases as a result of warming temperatures preventing the oceans absorbing as much as hitherto, being a symptom, not a cause.

These groups blatantly break the law, making life harder for everyone, and exacerbate the already high costs of energy, yet the hypocritical Left supports them. It is well past time that the police treated them as the criminals they are, and the courts handed down deterrent sentences, instead of judges praising their actions. By all means reduce our use of finite resources of fossil fuels, but on a sensible timescale, and only when true alternatives such as nuclear fusion are in place. A reasonable date would be 2070, when the latter should be ready, not 2030, which is utterly absurd. The government must take the fight to the Greens, opening new gas fields, approving fracking, pushing nuclear energy, and, if necessary, reopening coal mines. Unfortunately, currently there is no sign of this path being followed.

It is often stated by the Left that there is no truth is the contention that Marxists have been following a 'long march through the institutions', but the state of our education system gives the lie to that. No decent person would tolerate those who supported the Nazis teaching in schools and universities, yet Marxists are to be found doing so openly. Nazis are murderous scum, as are fascists of any stripe, but Marxists, also advocating a creed which has enslaved, and killed millions, are allowed to corrupt the minds of their pupils, with the results we see in the brainwashed, and ignorant young. This must be stopped.

The top heavy NHS is in need of root and branch reform, with a bonfire of the bureaucracy, and an end to the need for nursing staff to have degrees, yet the government just shovels more money into the bottomless pit. In addition, the bureaucrats of the civil service are reported as opposing government policy on many significant issues, primarily on Brexit, but also on such things as denouncing the Northern Ireland protocol, ending the interference by woke fanatics, and the return of imperial measurements. The government should remind them that they are there to advise, and implement, not formulate policy. It is also a scandal that so many are declining to return to full time employment, so that departments such as the passport office, and the DVLA, have almost stopped working. They should be told that, if they do not return within a week, their salaries will be reduced to the level justified by their actual time in the office.

To sum up, the PM has done well in some major areas, but he is failing to follow conservative principles in many others, notably public finance, sexual politics, illegal immigration, administration, rearmament, environmentalism and education. Worst of all the completion of the Brexit revolution is on hold. If the government continues down the path it is on it will lose the next general election, and the UK will be at the mercy of the imbeciles of the liberal left, who will destroy us. It must change course now.