Who are we?

I have a copy of Enoch Powell's book Still to Decide, published in 1972, which he kindly signed for me many years ago. The title refers to the question, fundamental to our nation, which had not been answered at that time, but must be confronted now. It echoes the question "What kind of a people do they think we are?" that Churchill put to the US Congress in December 1941, and awakens memories of G K Chesterton's The Secret People when he said "But we are the people of England; and we have not spoken yet. Smile at us, pay us, pass us. But do not quite forget". We now stand at a crossroads, where we must decide whether we get on our knees, forget all we have been, and yield to those who wish to destroy our nation, its culture, and its history, or act in the manner, akin to what Sherlock Holmes said in His Last Bow, as the First World War loomed, "The Englishman is a patient creature, but at present his temper is a little inflamed, and it would be as well not to try him too far.''

Most ordinary people in this country, while, like all of us, not perfect, are basically hard working, tolerant, and quietly patriotic. If a visiting Martian listened to the lunatics now infesting the nation, who are given publicity by an irresponsible media, he would think that all the men were misogynists, the vastly heterosexual majority all homophobes, or transphobes, and those of us who happen to be white, irredeemably racist. I for one, and I am sure most of the sensible people who read The Realist, am heartedly sick and tired of being the target of these morons, as I do my best, as a Christian to be a decent person, but there comes a point where we must fight back. It doesn't matter how much one tries to conform to the ideal, there are now so many imbeciles, shouting their rubbish from the rooftops, that everyone who isn't prepared to genuflect before them is a target. We have seen feminist icons like Germaine Greer, and J K Rowling, subjected to abuse because they object to hairy, male psychopaths being allowed to declare themselves female, and share prison showers with women, while historical figures who, in their time, fought intolerance, such as Churchill, Lincoln, and even Gandhi, are being decried as racists by idiots, whose knowledge of history is obviously nil. We even saw someone, who can only be described as scum, setting fire to the flags on the Cenotaph, erected as a memorial to those who died for freedom.

The BLM campaign is a shining example of the kind of protest movement which bears no resemblance to the image it seeks to portray as a means of attacking genuine grievances. There are basically three types of person involved. First are the idealists, who, while being sincere, seem to have no knowledge of history, for instance attacking Rhodes as a slaver, when he was born twenty years after slavery was abolished in the British Empire. They are no more than pawns to be used by those manipulating them. Second, and I shall return to them later, are the supporters of so called 'woke' causes, in the media, the universities, the Church and among the luvvies. I admire the latter their talent, but their high public profile is used to advance views which are fashionable, but frequently malign. Third, and the true enemies of the people, are the Marxists, who infiltrate every protest group, with the intention of using it to advance their evil agenda. Those good people who clearly believe in their cause should beware of these sinister figures who seek much more than the righting of a wrong, but are instead aiming at overthrowing our liberal societies in the name of an ideology which has caused ten of millions of deaths since it was first loosed upon the world.

Extremists have taken over the BLM movement, and those, including the police, and professional footballers, who choose to 'take a knee' should be aware of the nature of some of the aims of the organisation. Not only do they wish to see an end to capitalism, which is a recipe for the impoverishment of everyone, they also call for the withdrawal of funding of the police, which would very quickly lead to anarchy, where the most vulnerable would go to the wall. Worst is the degree of anti semitism shown by many of the BLM supporters. Any competent student of history knows that the political spectrum is not linear, but circular, and that the far left, and far right meet, having much in common, being humourless and totalitarian, which inevitably lead to the creation of secret police, concentration camps and, always, an irrational hatred of Jewish people. In Paris a feature of a BLM rally was chanting of 'Dirty Jews', while a BLM supporting American rapper said of the Jewish people 'all you have to do is stand up to them, and their little game is over'. Uncritical approval of the organisation, as evidenced by a great deal of media coverage, risks allowing those with much more sinister agendas to flourish. No sensible person would argue with the slogan 'Black Lives Matter', but so do Jewish lives, and indeed, all lives. A key leader of the anti Semitic BLM movement has stated that "Capitalism is terrorism", and that Churchill was an evil man, thus proving how the far left is now the inspiration for such organisations.

All this began in the 1910s and 1920s, as, when the socialist revolution failed to materialise beyond the Soviet Union, Marxist thinkers like Georg Lukacs declared that culture and religion blunted the proletariat's desire to revolt, and the solution was that Marxists should carry out a "long march through the institutions"  of universities and schools, government bureaucracies and the media, so that cultural values could be progressively changed from above, showing just what arrogant, malign elitists they have always been. The result for education has been that, as a friend who is a professor at a leading London university, has told me, many students, on first arriving, must be given remedial courses before they can begin the degree proper, yet are fully indoctrinated in so called progressive views. The kind of uninformed claims made about those such as Churchill are the result of an inferior education system, which has been undermined by so called progressive methods, while those who do make it to university endure brainwashing by the Marxist dons who dominate the latter institutions.

That our education system has been undermined by progressive methods can be seen by examining outcomes, or as Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount "Ye shall know them by their fruits". While there are obviously many brilliant students, as for example those who amaze us all in University Challenge, there are so many more who, through no fault of their own, display vast gaps in their knowledge. Bertrand Russell said: "Men are born ignorant, not stupid; they are made stupid by education" and, in academic language, the progressive school is a place where children go, not primarily to learn, but to carry on a way of life. Rather than teach history students about dynastic wars, significant individuals , or economic trends, children are asked to empathise with a peasant living at the time. This is to use schools as social indoctrination centres, and to neglect empirical facts and education in hard subjects like math and logic, in favour of subjective propaganda about social "causes" like racism, misogyny, economic inequality, and global warming. Children are easily influenced by authority figures, so it's easy to brainwash whole generations if you can catch them early enough. That's what progressive schools are for, not to teach any useful skills, but to socialise children into the pseudo liberal way of thinking before they're capable of critical thought.

Can any sane person surveying the scene today, doubt that the influence of the left liberal elite is destroying this country. Education, as detailed above, is rife with the nonsense they preach, the Church, led by a 'right on' Archbishop, puts questions about the colour of statues of Christ above trying to offer the consolations of religion to a people suffering a vile pandemic, the upper echelons of the bureaucracies, whether it be the Civil Service, the police, or local government, are infested with them, and cultural institutions harbour endless examples of know nothing performers giving us the benefit of their prejudices. These people, who one might call the 'Guardian reading class' like to think that they are so benevolent, but in reality they are like termites eating away at our nation.

Of course the media is not immune to these people. I am amazed at the patience shown by government ministers during the daily coronavirus briefings.They are confronted by many journalists, particularly those from the broadcast media, who are self righteous, arrogant, aggressive and clearly following their own political agenda. These people use hindsight to criticise policies, constantly impugn the motives of the government, and present every action taken in a negative light. As far as the BBC is concerned I remember when, in the 1940s, that organisation was venerated for the role it played during the war when, with Churchill, it truly 'Spoke for England'. For many years one would always trust its news output, and saw no obvious bias in its reporting. Regrettably this is no longer true, the one sided views of its presenters, including sports pundits, being so egregious as to be almost laughable, were the situation not so serious. The BBC was blatant in its opposition to the Leave campaign in the run-up to the referendum, every current affairs programme, or discussion, being heavily loaded against those who supported leaving, audiences being clearly full of Remainers, while even comedy programmes took the same line, mocking the ordinary person who did not subscribe to the left liberal view. There was a nasty class based bias evident, as the wishes of the working classes, particularly those from the North, were derided as the product of ignorance, or prejudice, not a reaction to the negative results of EU membership experienced by those involved. This pro EU zealotry has continued to the present. Those high priests of Remain, Kenneth Clarke, and Michael Heseltine are constantly wheeled out, despite the fact that the former is condescending, and patronising, towards those who dare to disagree with him on the EU, while the latter, if asked about the effects of heavy rain, would contrive, within the first few sentences to blame Brexit for bad weather, being both blinkered and unable to accept a democratic decision. Individual presenters have been slapped on the wrist by the BBC for their obvious bias, but of course they continue, brazenly ignoring facts, as they parrot the opinions of their elitist peer group.

When one adds to this many other issues, such the one sided treatment accorded to those discussing climate change, where no opinion contrary to that of Greta Thunberg and her acolytes, is considered valid, one can see that the BBC lost its way many years ago, and is now no more than the mouthpiece of the liberal elite. The blatant attempt to demonise the government concerning the dreadful coronavirus crisis, where, by the use of hindsight, it tries to undermine everything Boris Johnson tries to do, the aggressive, indeed hate filled, questioning we see being a disgrace. The obvious intention of the organisation is to present the government in a bad light. If lockdown is imposed interviewers raise alarms about the economic effects, while if it is lifted, the complaint is that lives are being put at risk, so Boris is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't. That the BBC's director of radio and education should claim that his organisation is so free of bias even a Martian could see it is laughable. As a former councillor in Islington he may believe such nonsense, but, as anyone living outside the heartland of the metropolitan, pro Remain, elite can see, the BBC is totally dominated by those whose political views are completely opposed to the wishes of the electorate. These so called liberals will never understand, nor accept, that those who voted to leave the EU, and to make Boris the Prime Minister, clearly represent the majority of the British people. I know from conversations with friends that the behaviour of such bigoted commentators disgusts many, as no effort is made  to present an unbiased attitude, or to make a genuine attempt to elicit important information. The BBC does not represent the nation, but merely the prejudices of the denizens of Islington and Hampstead, and it is well past time for root and branch reform of the organisation.

In conclusion there are three paths for the British people to follow. The first is to give up, and allow the left liberals and the Marxists to win, which will see us living in the hell envisaged by Orwell in 1984. The second is to support those democrats who recognize what has been going on, and will take steps to prevent unrepresentative minorities from dictating the political agenda. The third is that the people in effect rise up, and expel the traitors from our midst, taking control of the press, and broadcasting stations, and closing social media, but unfortunately this would replace our democracy with a dictatorship of the Right, hardly what we fought two world wars to achieve. The best path to follow is clearly the second, where the wishes of the ordinary people predominate, the arrogant elitists are treated with the contempt they deserve, and our democratic system prevails, the interests of all being put before those who have done us so much harm. Let them alone to moan to each other in their North London mansions, but keep them away from the levers of power. As I said at the start, we now have to decide just what of people we are, and wish to be.