The Conservatives do not own Eurorealist votes

For almost the last twenty years the Conservative party has been whining about the votes obtained by Eurorealist parties, claiming that these rightly belong to them and that for anyone opposed to the EU to vote anything other than Tory is virtually an abomination. I remember that, when it was first proposed that Eurorealists should consider breaking with the main parties, even so called Tory Eurosceptics were totally opposed to any such idea, and how, when twenty four of us stood in the European elections of 1994, the Tory candidates were outraged that we were the cause of some of them being thrown from the Brussels gravy train. The fact that anti EU sentiment extends far further than just the ranks of the Conservative party seemed impossible for them to grasp. I know that in the East Kent constituency where I was standing even a left wing activist known as Mrs Stalin voted for me rather than for New Labour. Given these claims to ownership of anti EU votes it might be worth examining just how much truth there is in them.

It is true that in the years following the Second World War Churchill was an advocate of a form of a united Europe but he never imagined or proposed that this should include the UK, nor was he in favour of the sort of bureaucratic monster that now exists. Monty recalled how he found Churchill in his bath spluttering with rage when a later Conservative government began the moves which later led to the rights of the British people being signed away in order that the UK joined the European project

Eden was in power for too short a time and too preoccupied with the Middle East to have made any impression on the European debate but it was during the time MacMillan was leader that the poison really began to spread. Despite his image as SuperMac he was a pale shadow of the man who opposed appeasement and it is obvious that he belonged to that class of patrician Tories who knew that they were losing power, lacked any confidence in their abilities to reverse the country's decline and were determined to hand away control to their fellows on the Continent. Thankfully General de Gaulle had a better idea of where the long term interests of the British lay than did the latter's so called leaders and prevented our joining for many years.

The nadir was reached when that useless and arrogant idiot Heath was leader of the Conservatives. He betrayed our fishermen and rode roughshod over the interests of the British people in order to embroil this country in the undemocratic and loathsome EEC, ignoring all those who pointed out that the UK did not, and never would, benefit from membership. However never forget that he has the support of the vast majority of Tory activists. At one notorious party conference only four people, including that great patriot Reg Simmerson, voted against the policy on Europe and the party was happy to declare itself the party of Europe.

When Margaret Thatcher became leader the tone changed but let us not pretend that she was untouched by the pro EU views of the leadership. In 1975 she campaigned for a Yes vote in the referendum and as Prime Minister she was responsible for signing the Single European Act, something that life long Eurorealists such as the independent Labour peer, and indefatigable fighter against the EU, Lord Stoddart, considered among the worse actions taken in support of the European project. That she finally woke up to the truth does not excuse her past conduct.

We all know what a failure Major proved to be and his forcing through of the Maastricht treaty resulted in as great an undermining of British democracy as one can find in this whole sorry saga. His successors, with the exception of William Hague, did not even try to reverse the Tory position and even Hague finally yielded to the so called modernisers in charge of the party. Cameron is nothing more than another Heathite and we would be fools indeed to expect him to lead us out of the EU.

Given all the above how dare the Tories claim that they deserve our votes. We have been lied to again and again and it is clear that our freedom can only be regained by rejecting them, and their allies in New Labour and the Liberal Democrats in favour of supporting those whose unequivocally advocate withdrawal from the EU. If this prevents them obtaining a majority at the next election it is no more than they deserve and such a result might finally provoke the electorate into turning away from the Europhile parties once and for all.