Why does UKIP exist?

As the political class reel from the UKIP onslaught they are trying to downplay the result of the recent elections, claiming that it is merely a protest vote which will melt away at the general election. Arrogant MPs and ignorant media commentators have even said that those who voted UKIP did not know, or support, the policies of the party but merely wanted to fire a warning shot across the bows of the main parties. In reality the voters are making it clear that they are tired of seeing control of their country handed away to Brussels and have given up hope that the current political class will countenance withdrawal from an organisation which provides the latter with great personal benefits. The fact is that no party, or parties, have a divine right to exist and, much as in the early 20th century, the Labour party arose and destroyed the old Liberals so there is no reason that UKIP should not supplant those who refuse to recognize the growing demand from the British people that they be released from the grip of the EU.

In the fading after glow of triumph in the crusade against possibly the most evil philosophy to have disfigured the world the politicians of the immediate post war period were, for the most party, genuine in their beliefs and offered the electorate a real choice between the democratic socialism of Attlee's Labour party and the patriotic conservatism of Churchill's Conservatives. In the decades since, with only a brief interlude when the socialist Michael Foot faced the stern convictions of Margaret Thatcher, the politicians of the main parties have moved closer and closer together until they now merely offer the same tired policies while pretending that they represent genuine alternatives. These products of machine politics are now the saviours of spivs and the protectors of parasites, caring nothing for the well being of the British people but only constantly seeking to derive the maximum personal benefit from their actions. The undemocratic and corrupt EU is, in their view, ideal, allowing them to enjoy power without accountability and to milk the public purse for their own selfish reasons.

Business is important. Trade is important. No one in their right mind would deny these truths. However other things are important too, for Man does not live by bread alone. Throughout the ages the question was often asked whether it was better to live as a prosperous slave or as a poor free man and always the answer has been the same. The desire not to be beholden to the whims of others and to have the right to make one's own decisions has, in the end, proved stronger than the desire for money. This is the reason we in this country have spent so many centuries evolving our parliamentary democracy and it is this latter which is now so much at risk from the smothering tentacles of the EU, an undemocratic entity which represents the elites and cares nothing for the will of the people. The irony is that those who think that it is necessary to remain in the EU in order to prosper are totally wrong, as the opportunities available to a nation like the UK across the globe are far more attractive than those presented by the sclerotic, demographically declining and backward looking European project.

When it comes to the question of immigration the opponents of UKIP are doing their best to portray the party as driven by race hatred and a detestation of foreigners. They constantly repeat these lies in the hope that they can so besmirch the party that the voters will ignore the actual policies being put forward and reject what they would regard as extremists. As in all parties there will be foolish people who bring their own agendas to the table but its essential beliefs are not represented by such. It only takes a moment's reflection to see that race has no relevance to UKIP policies as our objection is that the rules of the EU prevent us from limiting the number of EU nationals entering, the overwhelming majority of whom are as Caucasian as the average Briton. Surely no sane person believes that we can be racist against our own race. No decent person would blame the immigrants themselves, for they are merely seeking a better life. Those who deserve opprobrium are the elites responsible for these policies whose social and financial position insulates them from the overcrowded schools, the lack of employment, the dearth of accommodation, and the over pressurised health system and infrastructure.

A different argument is used by those who insist on looking only at net migration figures. These are the sort who seem to believe both that all people are interchangeable and that the inhabitants of other nations are just English people who happen to speak different languages. Of course a nation is not just a geographical location but the result of centuries of culture, religious belief, political development and historical experiences. We do not claim that we are superior to other peoples but we do recognise that all nations are different and that we all have the right to exist and to maintain our unique identities. To give an extreme example, if all the indigenous British were to have emigrated to the Antipodes and been replaced by an equal number of people from, for example, China, the British Isles would still exist but, despite the hard working and law abiding nature of the new population, Britain would no longer be the same nation.

It would be a tragedy if UKIP were ever to become infested with the same sort of careerists who  have destroyed the main political parties. It represents the last chance for the British people to reassert their fundamental democratic freedoms and, as such, it is not just another party but the vanguard of a moral crusade seeking to overthrow those who care for nothing but their places on the EU gravy train. I do not regard that aim as an impossible dream. All that is necessary is that the electorate vote for that in which they believe and that the party remains true to itself.