Why they lost

The behaviour of the Remainers before, during and after the EU referendum shows clearly just why they lost, as they obviously have no understanding of the British character.

All my adult life I have been a convinced opponent of UK involvement in the European project, belonging to organisations such as Operation Out, the CIB, UKIP, CAEF and the Democracy Movement. Nevertheless, had the British people, in 2016, voted to remain in the EU, while I would have believed that they were wrong, and would have continued to work for the cause of freedom, I would not have behaved as our opponents have, refusing to accept a democratic decision and seeking to question the legitimacy of the vote on a number of quite specious grounds.

Firstly, and disgracefully, they claimed that the result had been affected by interference from Russia, whose Internet activities had supposedly convinced British voters to support the Leave campaign. Not only was this insulting to Russia, it was doubly insulting to the British people, in effect stating that they were so weak minded that reading posts on the Internet would determine their decision, when in fact they are quite capable of making up their own minds, based on years of experience of living under the rule of Brussels.

Then they tried the argument that the vote had excluded those under the age of eighteen, who would be the most affected by the result. The idea that such youngsters, the majority of whom who have not yet married, had children, bought a house, found a job, or been obliged to use the NHS to any extent, would have the life experience necessary to make such a decision is ridiculous. This is just a device by Remainers who think, perhaps incorrectly, that the young are more gullible, and will vote their way. It may come as a surprise to Remainers, but it is not only teenagers who have a future. One assumes that if they managed to hold, and then lose another referendum, they would want infants in their prams voting the following time.

Then we have the claim that the winning side should be ignored because of unsubstantiated, and denied, charges about minor financial irregularities, a charge which would be risible, if it were not so serious. We know how the Remainers were given a free propaganda gift of nine million pounds when Cameron's government sent their pro EU leaflet to every home, while the resources made available to the Remain side from self interested businessmen dwarfed anything given to the Leave campaign. When considering this issue we are told that the Electoral Commission rejects any case against the Europhiles, yet constantly reopens those concerning those from the Leave side. However we now know, as if it were any surprise, that this body is not unbiased, but is a creature of the liberal establishment.

Some supporters of the EU insist that the judgement of MPs should be paramount, yet this ignores the fact that the majority of those in the Commons will put their self interest, in preserving their career advancement via the EU, ahead of those of the nation. One idiot even implied that those who voted to leave did so to rid themselves of David Cameron, a new, and completely risible accusation, as it is rule by Brussels to which the people object, not the fortunes of transitory political figures.

With the help of the traitorous BBC, and selfish businessmen, they have revived 'Project Fear', despite its utter failure before the referendum. We are supposed to believe that the country would suffer some sort of Armageddon unless we reverse the decision to leave, with insane predictions of food shortages, and no medicinal supplies being available should we not listen to the traitors. Even Theresa May, one of their side, is threatened with the loss of the treatments she needs for her diabetes! All nonsense, and evidence of their hysterical refusal to face facts. There are many of us who lived in a free Britain for many years before that foul, and self confessed liar, Heath took us into the EU, and we know that we will survive any temporary difficulties that may arise as we leave.

Finally the efforts of the Remainers to obstruct Brexit, helped in no small measure by Theresa the Appeaser, have led to claims that it is all too difficult to implement, that it should either be abandoned, or yet more years added to the date of departure or, in a transparent attempt to rig a second referendum, ask the people to vote on staying in the EU, accepting May's absurd Chequers agreement, or leaving, thus presenting two options which would split the Leave vote, ensuring that the Remain option would win. Perhaps one should consider the reality of what this would mean, should they succeed in such gerrymandering. A decision taken by the largest democratic vote in our history would have been ignored, and the clearly expressed will of the people treated with utter contempt. Do those who are attempting to do this have any idea what it would mean for the future of democracy in this country

We are lectured by those such as sports pundits and members of the luvvie profession, who lack any understanding of the real nature of the EU. Perhaps some have lived too long in the USA to really appreciate what membership of the EU has meant for the UK. One wonders what their erstwhile American neighbours would say if they were expected to substitute their democracy for a bureaucratic dictatorship, centred in, for example, Mexico. They just don't realise that far from being a benign organisation seeking to improve the lives of its citizens its raison d'etre is to create a single European state, to be run by an unelected elite, primarily for the advantage of the political and bureaucratic class, enabling bankers and big business to exploit the people without fear of being checked by any sort of democratic control. It is truly ironic that the arrogance of the architects of the EU has provoked a reaction which will almost certainly lead to the European parliament becoming dominated by the very sort of nationalistic politicians whom the Remainers constantly demonise, and they will find themselves defending an institution which will be turning to the hardline policies of the 1930s.

For the most part the so called liberal elite all went to the same universities, studying the same sort of subjects. They are so isolated in their smug little world that they consider that a degree in Politics or Philosophy is much more important than being a good plumber or electrician, when the opposite is true. In reality the Remainers are the sort of people who, if they were footballers, would pretend to be hurt to gain an advantage, if cricketers would refuse to walk when given out by the umpire, or if losing at cards would claim that they opponents had been cheating. In other words they lack a sense of fair play, and the capability to accept defeat in a democratic contest. We can see the same sort of behaviour among the American Democrats, who absolutely refuse to recognize the fact that Donald Trump won an election fair and square. The mindset of the Western liberal elites, and their supporters, is totally at odds with that of the people they claim to represent

That is why they lost!