Over many years those opposed to UK membership of the EU have produced leaflets and statements as to why, yet these have, for the most part, been ignored by the media and belittled by those politicians whose self interest ensured that they supported the EU, whatever disasters it visited upon this country.

However, since the referendum, the public has become aware that the case for leaving the EU was always in fact strong and it is worthwhile making available some of the arguments which were not given publicity in the past.

As these were first published some years ago various personalities have changed, some things have come to pass, and some have remained threats whose hour had not yet come. Nevertheless no one should doubt that, were the Remainers, led by such as Tony Blair, to succeed in overturning the result of the 2016 referendum, all these horrors would be resurrected. Therefore all who care about the nation should read them to remind themselves what we have escaped, yet could yet endure

2016 March Your choice in the referendum (PDF file)
2006 December The biggest confidence trick in history
2006 December Migration
2006 August Carpe Diem
2006 April Better Off Out
2005 December Why leave the EU?
2005 November Corruption
2005 October Environment
2005 August European defence forces
2005 March Fisheries
2004 September The undermining of the railways
2004 May No to the EU constitution
2004 May Democracy
2003 April VAT
2002 September Ten years of freedom
2002 January Agricultural policy
2001 November Public Services
2000 July Corpus Juris